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Skin Care

Natural Skincare and the Shopping Party Scene

There is a new in-crowd. They are discerning shoppers with specific requirements, for instance for their natural skin care products and this new in-crowd does not go to the shops to buy their clothes, shoes, cards, jewellery, designer bags, knitwear, moisturising creams and natural beauty products. They go to peoples’ …

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Skincare Reviews – 3 Top Tips to Do Your Own

The war is on! As consumers are becoming more and more educated about the dangers of toxins and chemicals in cosmetics, some of the companies who have been incriminated are fighting back. Here are some top tips so that you can do your own skincare reviews. In this way, you …

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Face Makeup

Best Anti Aging Skincare For Women Over the Age of 40

Anti aging skincare for women over the age of 40 should target the various skin problems often experienced during this age. If you are still using the same skin care regimen that you have used in the past 10 years, this is the best time to update it.
Invest in …

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Beauty Store

Bellamora Skincare – What’s All the Hype All About?

There is so much hype out there surrounding Bellamora’s skincare products and their upcoming company launch. The question is, is there anything to back up all the hype?
Here’s what we know. The main formula that Bellamora uses for their skincare was actually discovered 20+ years ago by a renowned …