5 Dried Flower Bouquet Business Opportunities

By Arsya May 25, 2021

Have you ever thought that fresh, withered or dried flowers can be used as a business opportunity for a beautiful and valuable dried flower bouquets? 5 Dried Flower Bouquet Business Opportunities

1. Dried Flower Bouquet Graduation / Birthday

The first dry flower business opportunity, you can turn dried flowers into a beautiful bouquet, plus paper and ribbon ornaments. Typically, the types of flowers used for graduation dry flower business opportunities include roses, pikok, chrysanthemums, ferns, wheat, and bunny.

After that, arrange the dried flowers and wrap them in special paper, or you can also use burlap, to make a flower bouquet. Don’t forget to tie it with a ribbon, and give it a greeting card. Generally, a medium-sized bouquet of dried flowers for graduation costs around IDR 50,000 to IDR 150,000 (depending on the type of flower).

2. Bridal Dried Flower Bouquet
Dried flower business opportunities, it turns out, can also be for wedding moments, where the bride is holding a bouquet of dried flowers instead of fresh flowers.

Apart from being lighter, the dried flower bouquet can also be adjusted to the wedding theme of the bride and groom. Usually, the use of a dried flower bouquet for the bride and groom, is a rustic and vintage themed wedding. For dried flowers, what is often used as a bridal bouquet are baby breath flowers, edelweiss flowers, bunny tail flowers, roses, lotuses and many more.

3. Dried Flower Frame
Dried flower bouquet business opportunity ideas, can also be used as decoration in the frame. Usually, dried flower decorations in frames are often used, as a symbol of wedding gifts, to anniversary gifts.

Apart from dried flowers, the names of the couple, jewelry, gold bars, photos, and words of greeting can be embedded in the frame. Not an ordinary photo frame, here you need a frame, with the inner space that juts in, like a chest. Or you can also make a dried flower frame, by pressing or pressing. For this one dry flower decoration, then you can use an ordinary photo frame.

4. Dried Flower Bouquet on Display Vase
Apart from being given as gifts, dried flowers can also be used as displays, which are aesthetically pleasing. In fact, nowadays many housewives are eyeing dried flowers to be stored, in ceramic or wooden vases, and displayed on tables, to the corners of the room. For the types of flowers used as displays, usually cotton flowers or cotton flowers, lavender, wheat, pampas, lagurus, setaria, baby breath, and many more.

5. Dried Flowers on Greeting Cards

In fact, the dried flower bouquet business opportunity can not only be used as a bouquet, but can also be used as other forms, such as greeting cards. If you only find flowers, which are not strong enough to stand upright, you can dry them using a pressing technique, in the book. When the flower (flower crown) is perfectly pressed, until it is flat or thin and dry, the flower can be affixed to the greeting card paper.

Even in Japan, this art is commonly called Oshibana. Come on, for those of you who are curious, you can try it with some flowers first, and see the results.

By Arsya

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