5 makeup mistakes at this age makeup mistakes that are making you older

By Arsya Jul 12, 2021

Having a beautiful and attractive face is the dream of all women. Not infrequently, women apply makeup and make-up to look more attractive, beautiful, and youthful. However, the technique of dressing up cannot be done by women of all ages because the skin will change every year.

Instead of wanting to look younger, mistakes in make-up often occur and make the face look dull and older. Quoted from several sources tonitunes.com, the following mistakes should be avoided when wearing makeup.

1. Using a thick or excessive foundation

The most basic mistake when wearing makeup for the first time is wearing too much foundation. They hope that wearing thick foundation will cover all the problems on their face, such as acne, black spots, and blackheads.

However, using a foundation that is not excessive and light will make your face look much younger. However, if you have problems on your face and want to cover them up, you can use concealer to cover acne and dark spots.

2. Blush is too flashy or too much

Using blush on excessively like your cheeks look after being slapped and of course will spoil the appearance. However, using it too little will also make your skin look dull. If you wear blush, choose the right color. So that your skin looks healthier and shiny.

The often recommended way to choose the right blush color is to pinch your cheeks and look for the same color as the pinch. Avoid using colors that are too brown or red because they will look dull.

Choose a cream type blush. Because, this type of blush can clarify fine lines and wrinkles. then to give the effect of looking younger, apply blush on the cheeks and then wipe up or towards your cheekbones evenly.

3. Using Lipstick, Without Cleaning Your Lips First

Lipstick looks good on lips, when you choose the right color for your skin tone. Nude lipstick will make you look younger. But, before using lipstick, it would be better if your lip skin is clean and soft. It will make your lips look much fresher and more attractive.

With that, make sure the lips that will use the lipstick are not dry and chapped. You can use lip balm, such as lipbalm. And you can also scrub your lips using a lip scrub. It will make your seedlings more moist and fluffy.

4. Eyebrows are too thick

Thickening eyebrows and trimming their shape will make your appearance look more attractive. However, if you thicken it too much it will ruin your appearance. Just by trimming the eyebrows that you already have, will make the makeup look more natural and not look old.

Instead, raise your eyebrows slightly from the top of the eyebrow, not from the bottom. Avoid forming eyebrows that are too sharp or firm. Apply gently and thinly. Eyebrows, will make your face younger if you use the right technique and color.

5. Using Dirty Brushes For Make Up

Make-up brushes are a must. If you have a dirty makeup brush, it will carry germs or bacteria on your face. It can cause your face to break out. Using a dirty brush will also make your make-up look uneven.

How to clean makeup brushes is very easy. You can use a special makeup brush cleaning soap that is now available, or you can also use micellar water. Even easier, you can use a face wash to clean it. In addition, make up brushes can be cleaned with baby shampoo.

By Arsya

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