5 Top Haircut Trends For Men That Complement Well With Beard Line Up

By Arsya Jan 24, 2022

It can be difficult to find the right haircut for your hairline. It’s easier than ever to choose the right haircut, thanks to it becoming a popular trend over the past decades. Here are the top 5 best haircuts for men for your beard.

1. Pompadour haircut

The pompadour is one of the most versatile haircuts. The pompadour cut was popularized by Elvis Presley and is now available in many modern variations like the one of David Beckham. This can be done with a shave on the sides, or you can grow your hair longer. The top of your hair can be made voluminous, or shorter. You can even customize the style.

This cut is a straight shave to the hairline. It blends well into a beard line and adds a crisp, clean finish. A pompadour can be used to cover different facial shapes. A fuller pompadour is best for people with a more round face. The classic, shorter style works best for those with a longer face. Ask your barber what style suits you best.

2. Side parting Haircut

The side parting haircut is great for people who want something different from the standard plain cut. This style blends well with a well-shaped hairline, giving it a sophisticated twist or more formal look. You have the option of a classic side cut or adding a double or other intricate geometric patterns. This style, like the pompadour cut, can be altered to suit your preferences. Your barber can also play with the style. If you are able to trust your barber enough,

No matter what side parting style you choose, a beard line can enhance your look. You can make your beard as bold or as subtle as possible. This style is similar to a second haircut. It will suit any facial structure. You can get a quick idea from magazines in barbershops.

3. Man Bun Haircut

A bun haircut is something you’ve probably seen. This is a very fashionable cut that requires confidence. The cut is a great way to make yourself stand out from the rest. This gives you that cool, unique look.

It may be difficult for a novice barber to coordinate a beard with this style. Experts agree that a beard should not dominate the style. This could make it difficult for you to style your hair and look neutral. This style is great for square-shaped men, but it may not work well for oval faces.

4. Short crew cut

The edgy crew haircut is for those who want their barber to be creative in styling your hair. This is a flexible style that can be customized and features sharp lines and unique shapes at the back or front of your hair. If you’re unsure, you can always go for the double-line up cut.

How do you style a beard? A subtle fade may be done on the hairline, then you can go deeper to connect the beard. You can achieve a subtle, yet distinctive style this way. This style is best for long-faced, square-shaped faces. This style is not recommended for people with round faces. It emphasizes your face’s roundness, which can make you look unattractive.

5. High Top Haircut

This style is the only one that emphasizes the middle of the top hair. This style is more common for men with curly hair because it is easier to place. A-line haircut is also possible. You will be able to create a stylish and striking look with geometric styling. You can style whatever is left lower.

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By Arsya

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