Brave the cold with these caps

By Arsya May 6, 2021

In addition to keeping warm, the hat has long since become a real fashion accessory. The current trend is: Back to the roots.

Who does not know the SKA CS headset. In the 1980s, when new customers opened a children’s account with Credit Suisse, they received one for free. In an era without negative interest rates, banks still gave gifts. Even today, some consider this material embodiment of capitalism to be a true “cult”. In order not to be misleading, it’s best to follow the latest trends. Even if our grandparents’ classics are back in vogue. The main thing is not SKA.


Let’s start with the absolute evergreen. Instead of the classic neutral colors, why not be more daring? How about a red or green cap, for a change? Bring some color on gray winter days. By the way: the elongated shape of the cap is ideal for round or oval faces. I also recommend a ribbed fabric (vertical stripes) and not too tight. If your face is rather narrow and you don’t want to give up the hat, I recommend finding one with a wide brim. This detail compresses the face, making it more rounded. Check this out for Blank Beanie wholesale.

Cropped Beanie

Do you like to follow the trends of the moment? Then Cropped Beanie is for you. It doesn’t matter that this model doesn’t cover your ears, whoever wants to look beautiful has to suffer, right? Its advantage, thanks to the shortened shape, is that it can also be worn indoors. And it also suits those with narrow and long faces. The visual effect obtained by wearing this cap is exactly the opposite. To accentuate this effect, use a horizontal striped pattern or a wide brim in a contrasting color. If you have a rather round or oval face and you like this trend, I recommend that you choose a simple model with a slightly accentuated tip. And remember not to pull the cap too hard.

Bucket Hat

The fisherman hat has been around for a long time, but now it’s back in fashion. Tendentially this model was used above all in summer to protect themselves from the sun’s rays, now it is also part of the look for the winter months. Sure, the fisherman’s hat doesn’t keep very warm, however, its wide brim protects the head from wind and rain. If you are cold and don’t like wool hats and caps, you can also opt for a fleece lined fishing hat. I advise you to choose a monochrome, brown, beige or black model. Do you want to make a difference at all costs? Always dare and don’t give up on color.

Baseball Cap

If you can’t do without your beloved baseball cap even in sub-zero temperatures, I recommend a lined model. Lined caps aren’t for you? Then I recommend a hat with a visor in a thicker and warmer material such as velvet or wool. If you also want to have warm ears, combine it with the hood of a sweatshirt or jacket. Alternatively, you can also opt for a cap with ear flaps.

By Arsya

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