Cosmetic Dermatologist Laser Treatments

By Arsya May 18, 2022

Cosmetic Dermatologist Laser Treatments

One of the fastest growing fields of medicine involves the care and maintenance of the skin. Some have to go the dermatology clinic because of chronic problems that are painful or uncomfortable like eczema or lupus. For others their desire is to reduce the amount of money they spend on creams and ointments and invest some of their beauty dollars in medical procedures that will last longer and have more guaranteed results. A Cosmetic dermatologist offers many procedures and treatments to improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

For some the need for a cosmetic dermatologist is a result of acne scars or sun damage but as they age there becomes more and more that can be done to help a patient. Often teenagers deal with the pain and embarrassment of chronic acne and do not think to go to until later in life when they are fed up with the scars and negative association the condition has caused them. On the other hand sun damage is something that slowly builds over time but seems like it will suddenly get worse. With the use of advanced laser treatments it is possible to reverse and improve some of this damage and leave the skin looking younger and smoother.

Many people go to a cosmetic dermatologist for treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. These treat only the symptoms but not necessarily the condition itself. Instead, with a laser treatment it is possible to get not only an improvement of the symptoms but also a reduction in the condition that has caused the problem itself. That is because a laser stimulates hormones and collagen production that will naturally fill in fine lines from the sun and scars from acne.

While sun and acne are the two most commonly cited reasons for visiting the doctor there are other conditions that may benefit from laser therapy as well. For example women have experienced great results in the treatment of stretch marks. The use of this treatment has been shown to dramatically improve the appearance and texture of these areas after only a few treatments. Additionally, spider veins have shown vast improvement with the use of this kind of treatment. It has also been used for those with varicose veins.

The techniques used by a cosmetic dermatologist have experienced much advancement recently and are improving more all the time. For those who have an aesthetic need and do not know what to do or are tired of wasting money on creams and other products with dubious results, this offers a real medical solution to their problems.

By Arsya

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