Dry Skin Spoiling Your Beauty Care Routine?

By Arsya May 20, 2021 #beauty #routine #spoiling

Dry skin is a problem for many people. There are many branded beauty care products available in the market for dry skin but sometimes they don’t give desired results. Some people have dry skin all over the body but some have only on a particular body part like face, arms or legs. There are specialized products available in the market for each of them. The skin care is different for face and legs and therefore moisturizer for body care might not work well on your face. You should keep this in mind before buying beauty care products
The main reasons for skin that is dry are genetic makeup, dehydration, long working hours in hot and arid atmosphere, wide seasonal changes, hormonal changes, lack of protein in your diet, lack of vitamin E and B12 in your food, chronic anemia, chronic diseases which suppresses immune system and it could be a side effect of medicine used to treat a particular disease. The first step in dry skin treatment is identification of cause. If your diet is normal and you’re not anemic then consult with your doctor about the skin that is dry as it could be the side effect of a particular drug. Doctor might prescribe you medicated cream which can deal with the side effect. Dry skin becomes very common at the menopausal time because of hormonal changes.
A good beauty care product for skin that is dry is which has balanced formula of vitamins and moisturizers with long lasting effect. Try to use oil based cream for body skin care. For face choose face cream which is very light in nature and produces a thin film of oil which can prevent the moisture from getting lost. If you are facing skin in the summer season than use a moisturizer having SPF 30 or more. This prevents harmful UV radiation and heat to penetrate into your skin and prevent it from drying. Use vitamin E capsules or Olive oil and massage your hand and feet after bathing. This helps to rejuvenate your skin cells and prevents drying of skin. Avoid scrubbing when you are suffering from skin on face. This opens pore and moisture gets lost in the process. Avoid using soap as they are made up of alkalis. Try to use body wash and face wash having light components which re-hydrates your skin.
Check humidity setting in your air conditioning. This could be the major cause of drying of skin. Always keep small bottle of moisturizer in your purse in case your hands or face becomes dry. The beauty care products rich in sea weeds and sea salt are very good for increasing blood flow through your skin and therefore rejuvenate your skin.

By Arsya

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