Everything you need to know about lip fillers

By Arsya Jun 14, 2021

Thinking about getting your lips injected? In view of the many celebrities who openly use fillers and the cosmetic products that plump up the lips, this is no shame. Of course, you don’t need voluminous lips to be beautiful and attractive. But if you still want to find out more, we have put together a guide for you here.
We spoke to doctors and asked them all the questions that filler newbies might have in their heads: Which filler is the best? What are the risks? What do I have to consider? Does that actually hurt? How long does a filler last? And can I actually reverse the treatment?

A detailed informative discussion is mandatory

A golden tip in advance: If a doctor holds the syringe to your lips without a detailed discussion, you should take your legs in hand and leave the practice directly. Just because someone has a PhD doesn’t mean he or she is qualified to inject fillers into your lips. Check the professional one like Lip fillers Limerick.

A preliminary talk should always contain two points: A clear coordination of your expectations and possible risks and side effects. You should also get examples of lips that the doctor has treated in the past.

We have already spoken to many doctors for this article, but that in no way replaces a personal conversation with the doctor treating you. Dr. Norman Rowe is a plastic surgeon in New York and says: “I am amazed every time I hear that people invest a lot more time and research into buying a new car than into a procedure in which a stranger puts needles in their faces and thus permanently changes its appearance. ”We couldn’t have said that better ourselves.

Take the time to find the right doctor

You should take the time to find the right doctor for you. Don’t take the first person you come across, but the best you can find.

Dr. Rowe says: “Make sure that you are dealing with a medical specialist who has received appropriate training.” In principle, every licensed doctor in Germany is allowed to inject dermal fillers. This also means, for example, pediatricians, dentists and urologists, although their expertise lies in completely different areas. To Dr. Rowe in the practice, a lot of people come to the correctional facility, and they can be treated quickly by someone who has no idea.

All the doctors we spoke to agreed that lip injecting is a job for a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who specializes in it.

Test the look with Cinderella Lips

Once you have discussed the risks and side effects and the look you want with your doctor, you can put one foot in the water before jumping off the five-meter board. A treatment called Cinderella Lips is suitable for this. Instead of fillers, you will be injected with a saline solution. This provides more fullness, but breaks down again within a short time.

“I inject a saline solution, the effect lasts for about 24 hours. Then the patient can decide whether they like the look. Then we can work with filler. If she decides against it, nothing has happened, ”explains Dr. Rowe. After the swelling disappears after a few hours, you can see what the result of a lip filler will look like, according to Rowe.

Again, however, you should be aware that there is always a risk when someone puts a needle into your body. Cinderella lips are different from putting on a wig to see if you should dye your hair. Possible side effects include infection, swelling, and bruising.

Which filler should you choose?

Fortunately, there isn’t that much to decide here. Hyaluronic acid is the industry standard for temporary lip fillers because it is well tolerated and the body breaks it down on its own. Dr. Lisa Chipps works as a dermatologist in Los Angeles and explains that hyaluronic acid also occurs naturally in the skin and is one of the most widely used ingredients in skin care products. This is because it visually plumps up the skin by helping it retain water. There are various fillers with hyaluronic acid from different suppliers. Which of these your doctor uses depends on the desired result.

In addition, there are also irreversible fillers that are not broken down again. Of which Dr. Rowe says for beginners: “You have to learn to crawl before you can run.”

Does it hurt to have my lips splashed on?

Dr. Anne Chapas works as a dermatologist in New York and explained to us: “There is hardly any other part of the body that is more uncomfortable to be injected into. There are tons of nerves in the lips. We use a combination of anesthetic cream and, if necessary, an anesthetic injection so that the patient feels comfortable. ”But there are already fillers with hyaluronic acid that are mixed with an analgesic anesthetic.

But even after the treatment, you are likely to face pain. Jenna Rosenstein worked as a beauty editor at Refinery29 US and told us about her experiences with lip fillers. Jenna said she barely felt anything during the procedure because she not only applied numbing cream, but also had a filler injected with painkillers. “I felt pressure in my lips once or twice. It was uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt. The pain didn’t start until three hours after the procedure. It feels like someone slapped my mouth. I couldn’t open my mouth. But after two days it didn’t hurt anymore and after three days all unpleasant feelings were completely gone. ”

What are the risks?

Dr. Chipps says, “Whenever a needle is involved, there are risks.” You can usually expect pain, bruising and swelling. These can last for several days or sometimes weeks. There is also a risk of infection. This is precisely why it is so important to go to all follow-up appointments.

Although hyaluronic acid is very well tolerated because it occurs naturally in the body, allergic reactions are possible. If you’re prone to intolerance or are just nervous, you can do a forearm patch test a few days before the procedure to minimize the risk of side effects.

Dr. Rowe also says the lip injection can trigger cold sores. Because of this, he usually pre-treats patients who tend to be with an antiviral drug.

There are also less common side effects that are important to consider. “Less common side effects are nodules or noticeable material in the lips,” says dermatologist Dr. Jessica Weiser . These are bumps made of hyaluronic acid that don’t settle and feel unnatural. “In the rarest of cases, the filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel in the lip, which can have more serious consequences. This must be treated immediately. ”

Dr. Diane Bersonexplains: “There are important blood vessels around the lips. If filer is injected into a vein, you develop ecchymosis, which causes severe bruising. ”But what’s worse is that on the rare occasion that hyaluron filler is injected into an artery, necrosis or“ not healing wound “that require immediate medical attention. Otherwise, devastating consequences, such as even blindness, can occur.

By Arsya

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