Facial Toning Exercises – Manual and Electronic Techniques

By Arsya Nov 15, 2021

Facial Toning Exercises – Manual and Electronic Techniques

As we get older the face is one of the parts of the body that starts to show that age. Wrinkles, sagging and lines are commonplace, which is why a multi million pound industry has been built up to cater for those that want to look younger. If you do not want to go under the knife, or spend considerable amounts of money on potions and creams however, what can you do?

Well one of the ways it is possible to improve the condition of the face is to undertake facial toning exercises, either by using an electronic muscle flexing device or instead carrying out these exercises manually. If you are going to follow the latter course of action, you are likely to look a little strange, but if you can find a secluded spot in which to conduct these facial toning exercises, how are they completed?

Starting with the eyes as these are the places in which people seem to notice lines and crow’s feet. One of the best exercises, if you can train yourself to do it is to try and lift your lower eyelids without lowering your upper ones. This may sound impossible but with a little practice it can be achieved.

If you are worried about sagging cheeks then this exercise is for you. Start by making a round shape with your lips, pushing them forward, then smile as wide as you can and hold for just over a second. This should be repeated around ten times for the best effect.

The forehead is another spot that is often noticed as having lines early on. Fortunately there is an exercise to combat these frown lines. Simply put your index finger above your eyes, and then pull down as you try to raise your brow. This should help to firm, up the muscles in the forehead.

Finally here is one for the dreaded turkey neck which is easy to complete. Push out your lower jaw as far as it will go, now placing your fingers on the collarbone lift your chin up to the sky and feel the stretch. Once again repetition will be required.

For any of these exercises it is important to understand that it is only through regular usage that it will be possible to see any results. Naturally only performing these facial toning exercises once is never going to be a quick fix to achieving a youthful look.

By Arsya

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