Fall Into the Season Naturally!

By Arsya Mar 15, 2021 #naturally #season

With fall and winter on the horizon, be sure your makeup bag is prepared to carry you through the cold season in style! With Mahya Cosmetics, you will achieve the perfect look without appearing too sick or to dark. Most people believe that the shades needed for fall are always dark and that’s not always the case. As shown in the picture below, there is another way to bring out color without having to use super dark shades and keeping it simple!
First: Stay with your typical foundation color. No need to complicate a simple look!
Second: Apply Mahya Eye Primer to the entire eye area.
Third: Go light. The first color applied should be a light tone. This will be placed just below the eyebrow for highlight. The eye shadows we would suggest for any skin tone would be “Fairy Tale”, “Golden Light”, and “Nude”.
Fourth: Bring contrast and depth to your eyes by applying a natural deeper shade than your own skin tone. This color will be applied from lashline up to just below the highlighting shade you have applied in the previous step. You may do it this way or you can start applying the second shade from the crease up to just below the highlighting shade. Depending on how dark and depth you want your eyes to appear to be, will depend on which style you will apply the second eye shadow color. By applying it the first way mention, it will turn out a bit darker. The following colors have proven to be best for the second shade on most skin tones: “Elegant”, “Innocent”, “Vamp”, “Missing You”, and “Smoky”. There are many more but the ones just mentioned are the most requested.
Fifth: Be sure we can see those pretty eye brows! To help shape and fill in those empty brows of yours, we have many shades to match all hair colors. With Mahya’s C215 Angled Brush and your choice of color, you lightly tap the color in the places needed and following your natural eye brow shape to achieve the perfect fullness to complete the look. Here are some of our most requested eyebrow colors: “Blondy”, “Dirty Blonde”, “Bullet”, and “Latte”.
Sixth: Apply Mahya’s Black Mascara to bring out lushes lashes!
Seventh: Pick a nice rose shade closest to your skin tone. Apply from the apples of your cheeks and lightly take it up and out. Shades most liked but not limited to, for this spectacular season are “Grapevine”, “Rose Petal”, “Rose Blossom”, and “Blush”.
Eight: Apply “Mineral Veil 1, 2, or 3” for the polished and setting look needed.
Ninth: Choose a nude shade in lipstick to bring out sensuality to your lips! The shades best liked for this job, no matter the skin tone, typically are “Peach”, “Sun Kissed”, “Shine on Brown”, and “Tulip”.
Now that you have completed the perfect natural and flawless look of the season, you are ready to go to any event in style! Remember to keep it natural and easy by using Mahya’s 100% Crushed Mineral Makeup!

By Arsya

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