How to Get Glowing Skin With the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush

By Arsya Nov 6, 2021

How to Get Glowing Skin With the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush

The Clarisonic facial cleansing brush takes washing your face to the next level. This brush is designed to clean your face gently, yet thoroughly. The bristles move more than 300 times per second while still being gentle on your skin. This sonic device also gently exfoliates your skin without causing harm to the dermis. This brush is clinically proven to be more effective at cleaning your skin than washing your face the old fashioned way.

After using the Clarisonic, over time you will start to notice smaller pores, fewer lines and wrinkles and a brighter complexion. You can also mix and match brush heads and use this device on your body as well. Work away rough patches on your feet and elbows and enjoy the relaxing effects of sonic cleansing.

Follow these simple steps to get glowing skin with the Clarisonic skincare brush:

Step One:

Remove all your makeup (including eye makeup) with facial cleansing wipes. These wipes get most of your makeup off so the Clarisonic can get deep down into your pores. This is just an extra step that can improve the effectiveness of your results.

Step Two:

Splash your face with cool water two or three times. Apply a quarter sized amount of cleanser on your forehead nose and cheeks.

Step Three:

Turn on your Clarisonic and gently touch your face and move the brush in circular motions. Don’t apply too much pressure. The bristles do the work for you so there is no need to apply pressure. This is one of the main tricks when it comes to using this device. Just lightly touch your face. Continue to allow the brush to do the work on your entire face. The brush has a timer so you will know when it’s time to move to another section of your face. The timer is set for three minutes for each section of your face.

Step Four:

Rinse your face with water five or more times to remove all traces of cleanser, dirt and debris.

Step Five:

Pat your skin dry with a clean soft towel. Continue cleaning with the Clarisonic twice each day. Rinse your brush well to make sure all traces of dirt and makeup are gone.

Step Six:

Apply a gentle toner such as witch hazel to your skin with a cotton pad and massage your favorite moisturizer into your skin in circular motions. Look for natural moisturizers that contain ingredients such as raw honey.

This device is also more effective if you change your brush heads regularly. With daily use, brush heads need to be replaced every three months on average. Buy the sensitive skin brush head if you have delicate skin.

By Arsya

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