Kick Aging Out With Lean Protein Diet

By Arsya May 4, 2022

Kick Aging Out With Lean Protein Diet

More than any cosmetic makeover, you can kick out ageing with great diets and natural therapy. At the same time, you will boost your energy and shed off excess pounds of flesh. In recent times, there are tons of anti-aging cosmetics made in form of beauty potions.

Natural Beauty Products are No Substitutes to Anti-Aging Diets

All the great foods you can think of – from soy to pomegranate are being concocted into cleansers, creams as well as serums. However, you can get better result by actually eating these foods instead of using the beauty products that contain them. Merely applying the so-called organic beauty potions on the surface of your skin is no where effective compared to eating the foods that nourish your body right inside and reflect beautifully on your skin outside.

Adam Friedman, MD has this to say, “Nutrition plays a key role when it comes to stunting or retarding the aging process. It also helps to shield against damage from Ultraviolet Rays, the major cause of wrinkles and lines”. Adam Friedman is the Director of Dermatology Research in New York, at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

This is not just simple healthy eating, more recent research has revealed particular nutrients that can protect us from potential environmental impacts. These nutrients also help to hydrate your complexion and aid proper functioning of your skin at all times. Incorporating these skin renewal boosters into your diet plan will help you delay ageing substantially! A�These diets are also potent disease fighters, thus keeping you healthy while renewing your youthful look. Expect all-round glow as you integrate these great nutrients into your diet.

Lean Protein

A recent study by renowned dermatologists showed that women who consume less protein were seen with more aging lines and wrinkles. F. William Danby, MD has this to say, “Protein provides the building blocks of collagen”. Danby is the Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dermatology Surgery, Dartmouth Medical School. The breakdown of collagen due to insufficient protein results in the folding of the skin, with the after-effect of wrinkles, lines and saggy skin. Therefore, if you choose lean protein foods such as skinless chicken breasts and marbled steaks, your skin will definitely produce collagen. The choice of lean protein is a great way to keep weight normal.

So, what should you put in your plate to get lean protein?

Skinless poultry such as chicken breast without skin.

Egg whites

Beef or pork; a better choice is the lower-fat cuts – e.g. the loin. Tofu is also a careful choice.


Soy is very effective when it comes to improvement of fine lines around the face. A Japanese study revealed a great deal about soy. The study featured women who dined on soy extract 3 months (12 weeks). Consequently, their fine lines improved significantly and their skins gained greater elasticity.

There are other great diets that help in slowing down aging process, watch out for our next post to learn more about these great anti-aging nutrition.

By Arsya

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