Natural And Effective Treatment For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Natural And Effective Treatment For Trigeminal Neuralgia

If you have trigeminal neuralgia, it can be a miserable existence. There may be intense pain in your face, and it may feel like you are being shocked, from time to time. This disorder is sometimes caused by swelling or pressure from a growth or tumor. However, there are many cases that do not appear to have a physical cause. Many people are in search of a treatment for trigeminal neuralgia that can give them relief. Fortunately, homeopathic medicine may hold the answer.

Homeopathic care is an alternative medical therapy that seeks to treat the cause and not symptoms of disorders. For example, modern traditional care for facial nerve pain is to provide pain medication or anti inflammatory medication. This is aimed to relieve the pain, yet the pain is only a symptom and not the root cause. Not only that, one can become dependent upon pain medications, and this only serves to compound the problem.

When you have homeopathic care, it is based on the law of similars. This law states that disease or afflictions can often be treated with something that is similar to the problem. For example, if you take a solution that produces identical symptoms as your disorder, it can be an important tool for treatment.

Homeopathy care teaches that many kinds of illness and diseases are brought on by a disturbance in life or vital force. Life force is believed to be the basic energy that flows through the body of living creatures. This force can exert a strong influence on body functions. Yet, it is basically ignored by Western medicine.

A homeopathic remedy can be thought of as a diluted or watered down version of a substance. Remedies are created by a process known as potentization. During the process, a substance like coffee can be diluted and the water still keeps the memory of coffee. This is believed to be effective because your body is 70 percent water.

When you drink a coffee remedy your body responds quite differently that you might expect. Drinking the remedy can bring about the effects of coffee and caffeine, which should serve to keep you awake. Yet, the body compensates in a manner that actually makes you sleepy.

When it comes to the severe pain of trigeminal neuralgia, homeopathy can be an effective treatment for pain relief. However, homeopathy and traditional medicine can be combined to create a permanent solution to facial pain. You can purchase remedy kits online, and some come with a satisfaction guarantee. This means that you take no risks when you try them.

In summary, western medical treatment for trigeminal neuralgia involves the use of medications which only treat the symptoms of pain. Natural therapies like homeopathy are directed at the cause and use the law of similars to treat many conditions of the human body. Homeopathy teaches that interference with life force can bring on a host of ailments. Remedies are used to mimic symptoms of disorders, which the body responds to in the negative. When this type of care is combined with modern western medicine, the chances for a permanent solution are increased a great deal.

By Arsya

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