Not Just For the Kitchen Anymore – Baking Soda

By Arsya Aug 26, 2020 #anymore #baking #kitchen

I’ve always had a healthy respect for the diverse uses of baking soda. It grew a bit when I discovered that my husband keeps a box or two in the garage to use in maintaining our vehicles.
Athletes Foot: Put this powder in shoes in order to prevent the itching and burning of this problem.
Cold Sores: When cold and canker sores develop in the mouth, a gargle with the soda and water may ease the irritation and help heal it.
Hair: If you use a lot of products on your hair, you may have noticed that after a while it gets dulled. A bit of our old friend, bicarbonate of soda can help get the old stuff out so your hair looks at its best.
Heartburn: Most of us know that it reduces acids, so it’s no surprise that it can help with acid indigestion. Care has to be taken, however. It can rupture the stomach if not used properly. It should not be used on children and caution should be used if high blood pressure is an issue.
Insect Bites: A paste on a sting can help draw out the venom and ease the pain. Other bug bites can also be soothed by the paste.
Rashes: All kinds of rashes can be helped by this product. Mixed in a bath, it can soothe rashes caused by chicken pox and other childhood illnesses. It may even be useful for diaper rash. I’ve used it on poison ivy and poison oak when there was nothing else in the house to treat it and it got the patient to the doctor with a minimum of agony.
Skincare: It can help soften rough skin and get nasty smells off your hands. In a bath, it can be an all-over tonic for your skin. Winter skin is especially improved by a bit of baking soda in the bathwater.
Sunburn: About 90% of the time when I was growing up, special preparations for sunburns were not in the house at the time it was most needed. So, I learned how to use household staples, and baking soda is one. Mix it with water and dip a cloth into the solution. Place on the burn to help cool it and ease the pain. This is one home remedy that can be used immediately, as it won’t seal the burn in.
There are a lot of uses for baking powder, and it isn’t just in the kitchen anymore. It’s on the battery terminals of our vehicles and used for skin care. It’s a very versatile denizen of your cabinets and cheap by most remedy standards, usually under a dollar a box.

By Arsya

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