Today’s Top Five Facial Plastic Surgery Trends

By Arsya Jan 27, 2022

Today’s Top Five Facial Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgery is a constantly evolving field. While many factors can affect trends in plastic surgery at any given time, we review some of the current themes that are seen amongst plastic surgeons and consumers of plastic surgery.

Today, the top five overall facial plastic surgery trends are:

1) Addition vs. subtraction: Gone are the days of tight, pulled faces. As surgeons learn more about the aging process, the concept of losing fullness in the face is now better understood. With age, many people tend to gain fat in their body, but lose it in their face. This loss of facial fat, combined with the loss of facial volume in the form of muscle and bone, makes the face look older. The distribution of facial fat loss varies from person to person.

Using surgical and non-surgical methods, plastic surgeons can now add volume to the face to provide the most natural and youthful-looking results.

2) Non-invasive treatments: Modern technology has increased facial plastic surgeons’ ability to perform in-office, non-invasive treatments. For patients who wish to maintain their youthful appearance, these treatments delay the need to go under the knife.

Non-invasive treatments come in the form of BotoxA�, RestylaneA�, JuvedermA�, etc., which have only been available over the past decade. Many non-invasive treatments involve no downtime, help patients look their best (when performed properly), and cost significantly less than major cosmetic surgical procedures.

3) Advanced surgical techniques: When surgery is necessary, the surgical specialists have gained

an increased understanding of the aging process as it relates to anatomy. This allows cutting-edge surgeons to use advanced techniques that allow for more effective, natural, and longer-lasting results.

4) More people are having plastic surgery: Across the board, ranging from all ages and races, consumer demand has increased the need for cosmetic procedures. The demand has also allowed for innovation to accelerate faster in the past 10 years than ever before. As demand has increased, so has the amount of people providing cosmetic procedures. Patients must do their research and select physicians who are board certified by an appropriate board for the procedures in which they are interested.

5) Plastic surgery for men: An increasing number of men are opting to undergo both surgical and non-surgical procedures, to look younger and stay competitive in the job market. Men also want to look younger for thier significant others and retirees want to eliminate the aesthetic effect of years of stress. On many occasions, men are impressed with the results of their wives’ plastic surgery, and want to try it themselves. Sometimes, husbands even have procedures done together with their wives.

The demand for plastic surgery procedures overall increased almost 9 percent in 2010, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. As more people choose to undergo plastic surgery procedures, it’s very important that they work with a highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable surgeon to ensure optimal results.

By Arsya

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