Tumescent Liposculpture – Frequently Asked Questions

By Arsya Jan 1, 2022

Tumescent Liposculpture – Frequently Asked Questions

We often heard about people undergo a tumescent liposculpture procedure to achieve the body that they wanted. We have seen before and after pictures of people who went through the process and think that we want to go through it as well. Before you go to your surgeon though, take time to read the following questions and answers so you will be thoroughly informed if the procedure is for you.

• Who should undergo the procedure? The procedure is for you if you are healthy; meaning, you eat a balanced diet, do regular exercises and within the 10 kilogram boundary of your ideal body weight and just have extra fat deposits that are very resistant to your diet or exercises. This procedure isn’t for the obese people. It is usually administered on a person’s tummy, face, neck and leg.

• How is the procedure being done? Tumescent means “to swell”; thus the procedure starts with the doctor filling in or swelling the fatty area with a special solution prior to removing it. The solution also contains adrenalin that constricts the blood vessels and lessens the bleeding effect as well as a local anaesthesia that numbs the affected part; thus there’s no need for sedation or a general anaesthesia. After the swelling and the numbing process, the surgeon can now remove the fatty deposits with a small-straw like tube that is connected to a syringe or in other cases a suction apparatus.

• What are the side-effects? Is it painful? Is it safe? If there’s pain or discomfort, it is but on a minimal level and only during the administration of the special solution. There has been no reported side-effects of the procedure but since this is a surgical process and all surgical process entails risks, there are of course complications though they are minor, infrequent and negligible.

• How much will the procedure cost me? The cost will largely depend on the area to be treated; thus, the bigger the area, the bigger the cost. But the procedure is actually cheaper than a conventional liposuction because it doesn’t use an expensive general anaesthesia. In most places, the price usually ranges from 2000 USD to 4000 USD.

Before going through a body or a facial liposculpture though, make sure that you only go to a trusted and well-experienced surgeon. After all, you wanted to go through the process so you’ll look and feel good about yourself, not to suffer from a wrongly administered procedure all your life.

By Arsya

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