Unwanted Facial Hair Removal – Methods To Save You From Embarrassing Moments

By Arsya Sep 8, 2021

Unwanted Facial Hair Removal – Methods To Save You From Embarrassing Moments

Unwanted facial hair can cause a woman a lot of embarrassment. Whether it is heavy eyebrows, upper lip or chin hair, there are several ways to remove facial hair.

One of the simplest methods for temporary hair removal is shaving. It is not a popular method, though, for facial hair removal as it can leave unattractive stubs. Another temporary for longer lasting method is tweezing. While tweezing works well if there is not a lot of hair to be removed, this can be a time consuming and painful method if there are many hairs to be removed.

A very common way to remove facial hair is by waxing. With waxing, hot liquid wax is applied to the area. A thin strip of cloth is pressed over the wax. As the wax starts to cool, it sticks to the cloth and, when the cloth is removed, the hair caught in the wax is pulled out. This leaves the skin very smooth and hairless but some women find it very painful while others find that waxing leaves their skin very irritated.

All of the above methods are for temporary removal. The fact is that they remove only the hair and the roots remain, with new hairs regrowing in just a few days. This is why many women turn to a method for permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is a very popular method being used for permanent hair removal. While it might seem expensive at first, there is a long-term savings in not having to pay anymore for waxing.

With electrolysis, the goal is to destroy not only the hair, but also its root so that it does not grow back again.

Initially this procedure can be quite time consuming since our hair is treated at a time. However, the results will produce more of a permanent hair removal than other procedures described above.

Another good way for permanent facial hair removal is with a laser. This technique uses a light that gets into the hair follicle destroying it with heat. Relatively painless, laser treatments can produce excellent results for permanent removal of unwanted hair.

If you are considering removal by laser or electrolysis, talk with a dermatologist, someone who can help you determine which the best method is for you. Whichever method you choose, be sure to choose a reputable clinic where the procedure can be performed in a sterile and safe environment.

By Arsya

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