Vitamin C Skin Care Products – Can They Really Improve Your Complexion?

By Arsya Jun 15, 2022

Vitamin C Skin Care Products – Can They Really Improve Your Complexion?

Male or female, who hasn’t dreamed of having a flawless complexion? New Vitamin C skin care products have been announced and are touted to improve anyone’s complexion. We can determine if that’s true from the raw facts.

If you’ve ever struggled with imperfections in your skin, had acne, or other skin problems or blemishes, you have probably either talked to a doctor or experimented with many of the products that are available in the cosmetics section of your local store.

Because there are so many products available that claim to remove or soften wrinkles, decrease rosacea, eliminate blemishes, oiliness, fine lines, dryness, etc., most consumers find that they just don’t know who to believe anymore. When it comes to purchasing a product that claims to improve your complexion, let’s look at the Vitamin C component to learn how it interacts with your skin.

Researchers claim that when Vitamin C is added to a skin care product, that the skin reacts positively to the antioxidant properties contained in the vitamin. While it is known that antioxidants delay the aging skin process, the vitamin also fights free radicals. Each and every day we are subjected to harmful chemicals in the air, including pollution which causes free radicals. These free radicals damage your skin. It’s been said that unless your body produces a sufficient amount of collagen, which would help to tone and make your skin firmer, Vitamin C is the ingredient that definitely promotes collagen production.

When vitamin C is not included in a skin care product’s ingredient list, your skin becomes dry, and has a papery texture and feel to it. If you are not using a vitamin enriched skin care product, then you will need to supplement your diet with fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C, such as kiwi, strawberries, green peppers, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and other foods that contain large amounts of Vitamin C.

Since your body’s health depends on what you put into your mouth, your complexion will be greatly enhanced when you eat foods containing Vitamin C, or if you consistently take supplements that contain Vitamin C. When in doubt as to how much you should take, you might want to consider consulting with a dermatologist or a dietitian to learn how to have the best complexion possible by using that natural supplement, or by purchasing a skin care product that already contains Vitamin C.

By Arsya

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