Want to Enhance Your Facial Features? Here’s Some Tricks!

By Arsya Jan 4, 2022

Want to Enhance Your Facial Features? Here’s Some Tricks!

Despite an obsession with the ins and outs of skincare, most women slap on make-up without taking into consideration their face shape or bone structure. We spend months improving our complexions but end up wrecking the final look just because we do not understand our facial features well enough.

“Make-up isn’t about rules, it’s about options,” says Bobbi Brown and of course there will be times where you wish to tone down your strongest facial features. After all, you definitely need to feel it if you want to look great. The art of optical illusion has always played an important role in the history of make-up. From its earliest days as tribal war paint up to its most sophisticated application today, it has not only been used to disguise but also to enhance your facial features. For those who wish to improve their look, highlighting and shading are the most effective ways to alter your facial features. Here are some trade secrets to help you make the most out of your facial features:


The best way to slim down a podgy nose is by highlighting and shading cleverly. For highlighting, use a light-coloured highlighter and not a shimmery one. As for shading, MAC’s taupe shadow is a good shader as well as Ruby & Millie make ‘face enhancers’ in three colours.

1) When you apply your highlighter and shader, ensure that you apply them over your foundation.

2) Using a soft-haired brush, preferably synthetic ones apply your highlighter down the centre of the nose.

3) Contour it with a darker colour on either side.


1) To hide a very prominent brow, it is important that you resist the urge to scrape your hair back off your face.

2) Snipping off a few layers down the sides of the face detracts attention from it.

3) Use your two strong features- the eyes and the lips to balance things out.

4) Apply a minimum amount of shadow along the hairline to make it recede. But do not do this during a hot weather or when you are likely to perspire as you definitely wouldn’t want a smudge running down your nose.


One of the strongest facial features of a woman is the eyes. A lot of women try to reverse hooded eyes by sweeping eyeshadow up and outwards but this attracts more attention to any folds of skin instead.

1) Coat the entire lid with a neutral wash of colour- a mushroomy shade recommended – after which highlight it with a paler colour on the brow bone.

2) Next, take a darker, defining colour and concentrate it close to the eyelashes. This will enhance the eyes and diminish the hooded look.

3) Finally, apply lots of mascara on the upper lashes and a little colour under the lower ones to balance out the look.


1) Use your normal base colour followed by a shimmery highlighter, and dot it in your chin, nose, forehead and the tops of your cheeks. The shimmer catches the light and pushes your features forward, giving your face and chin a lift.

Now that i’ve shared with you the tricks to enhance your facial features, make the best out of it. Thus, learn to accept your flaws and resolve to accentuate your facial features rather than hide it as beauty is at your fingertips. All the best!

By Arsya

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