Using seaweed for wrapping was a common cosmetic procedure in Ancient Greece and Roman Empire. At those times people already realized the benefits of seaweed due to its useful components. In fact, a seaweed body wrap is perfect for those who want to get rid of cellulite and make skin smoother on legs, buttocks, and thighs.

What are seaweed wraps?

When it comes to cosmetic procedures for slimming, then seaweed wraps for cellulite reduction are among the most popular ones. There are several different types of such seaweed wraps, however, all of them have similar effects. Seaweed sheets and seaweed powder with marine mud constitute the most common forms of seaweed body wraps in cosmetology.

The first type of wrapping implies using whole seaweed sheets that were dehydrated first. Before applying them, you should soak them into the water and add some other components such as marine mud or other skincare products. Then those seaweed sheets are arranged on the problematic zones with cellulite and left for at least half an hour.

Another popular type of seaweed body wrap is by using shredded seaweed together with marine mud in the form of powder. By adding the water to it, the substance of dense consistency is formed. Together with kitchen saran wrap, this substance is applied on buttocks, thighs, tummy, or another body area where cellulite should be removed.

How do seaweed body wraps work?

The main components of body wraps are seaweed such as algae, marine clay, ivy extract, oils, amino acids, and other useful additives. All these components work together to extract fat from cells, moisturize and purify skin, stimulate blood microcirculation, and remove toxins.

Black tourmaline is a special ingredient of GUAM body wraps as it shows tremendous results in weight loss and cellulite reduction. In fact, the crystals of black tourmaline have a unique ability to absorb the natural heat of the body and transform it into far-infrared rays. This particular feature of black tourmaline is to stimulate blood microcirculation in tissues and accelerate metabolism in the organism, which contributes to faster fat and cellulite removal.

Marine clay is another special component of GUAM seaweed body wrap with a high absorbance potential. This substance is also characterized by a cleansing effect as it removes toxins and dead cells from the skin surface.

What are the benefits of seaweed wraps?

The utilization of seaweed body wraps is useful not only for those who aim to lose weight and get rid of cellulite but also for those who would like to enhance their skin. Both women and men would benefit from seaweed body wrapping procedures on a regular basis.

In fact, the most well-known benefit of seaweed body wraps is their capability to reduce cellulite and remove the ‘orange peel’ on thighs and buttocks. Due to its compound soma, seaweed body wraps not only stimulate cellulite removal but prevent its further formation.

Those who do not have any cellulite may discover how helpful seaweed body wraps are when it comes to skin tightening and softening. After several wrapping procedures, you will already notice that there is no loose skin and stretch marks.

By Arsya

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