4 Common Emotions Caused by Facial Flushing

By Arsya Feb 17, 2022

4 Common Emotions Caused by Facial Flushing

Facial Flushing is a terrible and embarrassing condition to have. This is because unlike other mental problems which you can hide, when you have a problem with facial flushing the whole world can see.

Some people resort to creams and make up to hide their facial flushing but this only covers the problem and doesn’t go to the root cause of their condition and so these sufferers never get fully well.

There are many different reasons for the why facial flushing exists and often they are related to the emotions that the person is feeling at that time. Learning to understand these different emotions that cause facial blushing and why you may be feeling those emotions will help you to understand how to fix your problem.

Here are a list of some of the most common emotions people feel whilst facial flushing. Which emotion would you say that you experience the most when you have a social anxiety attack?

Humiliation. This often happens in situations where someone who doesn’t like you tries to embarrass you. It could be a work colleague or a friend of a friend who you don’t get along with. They know you have blushing problems and so for their own amusement they’ll pull your strings and make your blush in front of others for pleasure.

Embarrassment. Similar to humiliation except it is often self-inflicted. You’ll say something inappropriate, be clumsy and drop something or make a mistake in front of a large group of people. As soon as this happens you’ll flush beat red and you’ll feel that everyone around you is staring. Often after the emotion has happened it will be followed by self talk in which you beat yourself up over the incident even if it was only a minor mistake.

Guilt and shame. In many cases this can actually be a beneficial and positive reason to blush or cause facial flushing, let me explain. When people really feel bad or sorry for someone else it’s difficult for that person to make up to the other person who they offended as people often lie with their words and will say anything to please another person. However, it’s very difficult to fake facial flushing and so when a person see’s this they can really tell that the other person is truly sorry.

Love and shyness. When a person likes another person romantically often they are unconfident and not willing to ask the other person out on a date. They’ll feel nervous and excited when they’re near the other person and so they’ll be afraid to let them know about their true feelings. This is where blushing can be a help and a curse. On the one hand the blushing let’s the other person know that they like them and the other person may like them as well but is too afraid to ask. Now they see the blushing they’ll know that the feeling is mutual and so there is more chance that they will get together. However, it can also be a curse if the other person doesn’t feel the same way especially if that other person has to come into close contact with them each day. This can be painfully embarrassing as each time they frequently meet, the blusher tries his hardest to hide is feelings and avoid their facial flushing.

By Arsya

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