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Secrets of Beauty Care

All through the ages men and women have been taking care of their skin and body. The care given to maintain the shape of the body and the facial features is very old habit. To have a face glowing with healthy skin and attractive features is everyone’s dream. Everyone wants …

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How To Apply Makeup

5 Beauty Tips for Women to Maintain a Healthy Radiant Skin

The beauty industry is full of so many beauty products and magazines that it can become very frustrating to figure out the best quality products to buy for personal use.
Just about every billboard, magazine or newspaper advert we come across is always endorsing one new “revolutionary” product or the …

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Makeup Brushes

Various Remedies for Chapped Lips

Your face is the reflection of health and vigour in your body. One of the most ignored parts of face is lips. We just don’t take adequate amount of care of our lips and this may lead to many problems associated with it like dry lips or chapped lips. A …