5 Beauty Tips for Women to Maintain a Healthy Radiant Skin

By Arsya Apr 10, 2021 #beauty #healthy #maintain #radiant #women

The beauty industry is full of so many beauty products and magazines that it can become very frustrating to figure out the best quality products to buy for personal use.
Just about every billboard, magazine or newspaper advert we come across is always endorsing one new “revolutionary” product or the other as the next best thing in the market.
However, these products are designed to cater to specific skin types and thus, before deciding on what beauty product to settle for, be sure to pick one that is suitable for your particular skin type.
While there are several skin care products on the market designed to help women of all ages and races to keep their skins looking young and healthy, there are a few simple tips women can follow to derive maximum benefit from using these products.
Here are some of the beauty tips women can follow to maintain a youthful skin complexion;
(1) Get sufficient sleep. It is recommended that we get eight (8) hours of sleep at night. This will help refresh us and keep those unsightly dark circles from appearing around our eyes. The body’s cells are renewed and replaced when the body is at rest and getting enough sleep aids this process. Obeying this rule has an overall impact on the way our skin looks and feels.
(2) Avoid staying in the sun. Depending on the nature of your job or your hobbies (surfing, biking, jogging etc) you should try avoid sun exposure for extended periods of time in order to avoid photo-oxidative skin damage by the Sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
If you are often exposed to the Sun, make it a habit ALWAYS wear sunscreen. If possible, do not leave home without it. In the long term, this will help your skin look and feel younger.
(3) Always cleanse your skin before bedtime. It is crucial to cleanse every night before going to sleep so as to unclog the skin pores and dislodge any bacteria on the face. Going to bed with your make up still on is a definite taboo if you desire to have healthy skin.
Find a mild cleanser that is suitable for your skin type and follow this routine religiously every night.
(4) Moisturize. Applying a moisturize on your skin helps to keep the skin hydrated from the outside just about the same way drinking lots of water helps to keep the skin hydrated from within. This step needs to be done regularly.
(5) Exfoliate. Over time, dead skin cells tend to accumulate and they make the skin look dull and lackluster. With a good exfoliating agent or facial scrub, these dead skin cells are removed while the skin then replaces the displaced skin cells with a new layer of skin.
Exfoliation has been clinically proven to improve the process of formation of collagen in the skin which makes the skin appear younger.

By Arsya

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