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By Arsya May 29, 2020 #affordable #beauty

In this short article, I will try to share with you some secrets and tips to develop your own beauty-care at-home without spending big money with a professional services or professional skin-care products. Today, you should be aware or you should have been seen beauty-care kit. They become more and more professional and more and more affordable. You’ve a good foundation to start your own skin treatments like a pro.
And this is a trend because of the wave of chemical ingredients and components you cannot control easily, more and more customers turn their choices to do-it-yourself products. Less money and less time to go to a professional aesthetician (and less money of course) lead to self-solution. See for microdermabrasion, this is a popular treatment to remove dead cells from the surface of your face. This is a soft and a mechanical type of exfoliation. It’s fast and you’ve got immediate results. However for a stunning result, you will need three to five sessions for a total amount of $1.000.
Yes, you can do this same procedure at home with very similar tools and products for around $90 for a serious kit. Some cosmetic companies provide you with a microdermabrasion kit that only costs $25. You need two things with this treatment: micro crystals that are sprayed to the surface of your skin and a cream or lotion to prevent irritation. Of course, microdermabrasion is intended to fight your aging process. Yes, my friend you will look younger in no time. But, be careful to not abuse this technique.
Botox is also a popular procedure… but in my personal opinion, I do not recommend it. I hate invasive technique for a simple cosmetic surgery or procedure. The complications are real. Go for an anti-aging skin-care product specifically designed to reduce your lines and your wrinkles. What you have to look for? You need natural ingredients with any trace of chemical components. With this solution you have: less risks and… it’s cheaper.
You should really give a try and a chance to anti-aging skin-care treatment you can do at home. Today, you have several choices with very good quality and as always you have to compare the products and to assess the ingredients to be 100% certain it’s natural, it’s safe and it’s efficient.
For example, Botox with a professional will cost you around $500 per session and if it’s done seriously you will need many sessions every 2 to 4 months to maintain the results and to see everything is going well (that is to say: without complications).

By Arsya

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