Avoid Products That Have These Ingredients

By Arsya Jun 25, 2020 #avoid #ingredients #products #these

As the public becomes more health conscious, consumers are being more concerned about the ingredients in the beauty products they buy. You may want to avoid beauty products with the following four ingredients.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Usually referenced in the industry by its acronym, SLS is a harsh chemical foaming agent used in personal care and household products. Manufacturers use it because it’s cheap to make and effective at producing a bubbling lather. It’s the most commonly used detergent in a variety of products, from shampoo, shaving cream and toothpaste to laundry and dish washing soap. SLS is known to cause skin and scalp irritation by stripping away the body’s natural protective oils. It may also dry and damage hair.
Talc – Talc is a powdered mineral found in many cosmetic products. Inhaling its tiny particles may irritate nasal and respiratory passages as well as the eyes. Talc-free powders, made from finely milled corn, rice, or oat flour, have a silky, smooth texture and are safe for use by individuals of all ages.
Fragrances – Adding fragrances to body care products makes them smell good, but the chemicals they contain may contribute to skin irritation and other discomforts such as headaches. It is better to buy products that have zero artificial scents. You especially want to buy fragrance free products if you have sensitive skin.
Petroleum – Mineral oil derived from petroleum (crude oil) is a main ingredient in body care products like lip balm, creams, body butters, and jellies. Although petroleum is natural, it may clog pores, trapping bacteria and harmful toxins from being released.

By Arsya

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