Best Facial Skin Care Treatment For Aging Skin

By Arsya Dec 8, 2021

Best Facial Skin Care Treatment For Aging Skin

If you read the news, you may have seen coverage of a facial skin care treatment containing caviar. Caviar is actually sturgeon eggs, a delicacy to many people. If the eggs do improve your skin’s health or appearance, it is probably because of the nutrients they contain.

Practically all foods have been used at one time or another as beauty treatments. Some have been scientifically evaluated for effectiveness. Others have not.

Seaweed and marine algae are popular choices. One type of seaweed called wakame has proven to be beneficial for improving the skin’s hyaluronic acid content. A type of brown marine algae has been proven to stimulate the production of new skin cells, thereby increasing the skin’s thickness.

We also learned from the news today that some cosmetic companies have strange sidelines. For example, one cosmetic company also produces rain repellants and industrial cleaners. Those things don’t seem to go well with skin care products.

Some people thought it was strange when a company that makes dietary supplements started selling an anti-aging facial skin care treatment. That actually makes more sense. Think about the caviar and seaweed. The nutrients used in dietary supplements can also be used in nourishing creams and lotions.

Personalized skin care is another hot topic. Spa owners and cosmeticians offer to analyze your face and come up with products specifically designed for you. That could be an expensive way to go.

We are often told that we should buy skin care products according to our complexion type. The types most companies talk about are oily, dry, combination and sensitive.

Some of the better anti-aging creams and lotions are suitable for all skin types. It is the ingredients that a company chooses to use that make the difference. If they choose to include allergens, irritants and pore-clogging mineral oils, then not everyone can use them.

Another new facial skin care treatment was recently introduced for uneven pigmentation, what many people refer to as age spots. The product Soma works by inhibiting melanin production. It is derived from plant sources and can be found in some of the better whitening day creams.

The plant-based melanin inhibitor is a welcome addition. Until it was discovered, age spot treatments were either dangerous or ineffective.

By Arsya

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