Causes And Treatment Of Back Acne

By Arsya Sep 26, 2021

Causes And Treatment Of Back Acne

Although not so unsightly, because it is hidden under the clothes, the back acne is usually harder to treat than other kind of this skin disorder.

It tends to form mostly on the back, but upper arms or the buttocks can be attacked as well. This acne type can take several forms. Our back is prone to be attacked by acne because it has many glands producing the oil, what is meant to be the main cause of acne. From the amateur point of view both facial and back acne are the same. They both create skin lesions looking almost the same. The catch is, that skin on the back has much more sebaceous glands producing the oil. Therefore the lesions created on the back are much more severe.


The main cause of this skin disorder was not discovered, so no one is certain about it. Back acne starts to develop after the puberty begins as a result of some hormonal changes within the young human body. You should note that back acne can also develop from skin irritation. This type of acne is called “acne mechanica”. Backpacks, tight clothes or anything else that is repeatedly rubbing the skin on the back can be a cause for it to develop or tend to worsen it. There is no way you can avoid the contact of your back and clothes, chairs, beds, etc. But you always have some options and easy steps to follow to at least lessen the symptoms such as wearing breathable clothing as often as possible or carrying your things in other type of container than backpack.

Genetics, stress, spicy or fat foods were not verified as minor causes of this type of skin issue. Therefore one should concentrate more on its treatment than on its causes.


Treating acne developed on your back is much tougher than handling the facial one, because the skin on the back is much more resistant. Therefore aggressive treatment products must be used and often the doctor prescription is needed for some antibiotics. Although you simply can’t win over the back acne without treatment products, washing regularly and wearing clean clothes should help you a lot. Back acne is slightly unique for every sufferer out there. That’s just the fact. Therefore products that are helping someone else don’t have to necessary help you. Most of the time you have to experiment and try different remedy products before finally finding the right for you.

By Arsya

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