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By Arsya Jan 29, 2023

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Comprar w10 pro 64 bits

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Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. Amazon’s Choice for windows 10 pro 64 bit retail. Fix PC, Laptop and Desktop. Free Technical Support. USB Memory Stick.

FREE delivery Jan 4 – 5. Or fastest delivery Tue, Dec FREE delivery Jan 6 – 9. Or fastest delivery Jan 3 – 6. PC Disc. Mac Download. Available now. Mac Key Card. Other format: PC Download. Or fastest delivery Fri, Dec Previous 1 2 That is history. You are now left to fend for yourself on how to get TV and other media to play. Between lawsuits and tired of answering questions, Microsoft wants to only be an operating system with you using apps like a Mac computer.

Is the day of the tweaker a thing of the past? All the hardware old and new I threw at it has run wonderfully. Most of the hardware and software from recent years has been updated to win10 drivers. Even some of the old drivers work too. I’ve been running win10 for only a month and am looking forward to using my new usb3. This computer is very fast, and restarts so fast it is nutty. I noticed in the Gigabyte motherboard bios it had two settings for faster booting, really, how is that possible?

The minute you hit the restart button Win10 is back? It is already lightning fast to restart on slow mode? I will try to update this once I’ve had some experience, hopefully still good. This is kind of a long saga, so bear with me. Firstly, I like Windows I built a computer, and needed Windows 10 Pro 64 for it. The cheapest price on Amazon was through an outside company not fulfilled by Amazon , and it had fast shipping, so I ordered it.

It gives details about what to look for to identify fake microsoft install media. Here’s what was suspect about my media: 1. The arrow on the inner ring that is supposed to line up with an arrow in the outer ring? Well, there was no matching hologram in the outer band of the disc and therefore no matching arrow. The label creating the inner hologram has several chunks of something like coarse dust or grit trapped between the label and the upper disc surface.

This debris is visible from the bottom of the disc. The hologram is not centered about the hole in the DVD, it is off-center slightly. It looks like the label was applied in a dirty environment and got contaminated.

The COA is supposed to have intaglio printing on the left side of the label. Intaglio printing is where the printing is embossed into the paper surface under high pressure, causing the paper to have ridges where the printing is like the fingerprints of your fingers or the surface of US paper money.

On my COA, the printing is normal across the entire label surface but then the maker ran it through an embosser to create a coarsely grooved surface. Unfortunately, their overlay sucked and the embossed pattern is not in the same area as the printing. Not even close. And it doesn’t feel at all like intaglio printing. The M which is supposed to appear and disappear based on the angle a cool side-effect if the intaglio printing process is just always visible, no intaglio effect at all. Based on these details, I contacted Amazon and arranged to return this media pack for refund, and I ordered another one.

This time, I order from a company that fulfills through Amazon. When it arrived, I was astonished to find that it looked similar.

The outer sleeve labels were both printed on Printer No , and said that both kits were made in the USA. From two different companies in two different states KY and NV Comparing the DVDs,The hologram labels on the disks looked the same. The underlying DVDs were different, with different part numbers and fonts, and the first disc is boldly printed “Made in Puerto Rico”.

The COA looked pretty much the same. I called Microsoft Support, and spoke to their representative. He listened to my explanation of the discrepancies in the install media, but didn’t seem concerned about the appearance. I gave him one of the license keys starts with 8NH22 and he verified that it is a valid Windows 10 Pro install key. His advice was to just use the keys and don’t worry about the physical media condition.

I asked if he could send me that advice in writing, but he’s not allowed to send emails. So, to make a long story shorter, cancelled the return of the first media, used it for installing windows, and I have a spare license for future use.

If they don’t care, then I’m done with expending calories on this. Looking back on it, that was a wise move. If the disc is really counterfeit, there is no way of knowing what malware might have been injected into it. Back to Windows 10, it works great for me. It’s fast, with a small memory footprint. I always deselect all the intrusive recommended choices during install, and delete a bunch of the preinstalled junkware and advertising links after installation.

I’m giving 5 stars for Windows 10 itself, but subtracting 1 star for the hassle of attempting to resolve the fake software through Amazon and Microsoft. I’ve included images to this review, which show: 1. The disc hologram label with no matching outer hologram note the inner arrow which points to The underside of the hologram, showing debris trapped in the adhesive 3.

Intaglio printing showing the 3d effect. You can feel the ridges where the ink is. Two images of the COA where it’s supposed to intaglio. Note the reflections where the label was embossed Por T. Mccleary el 28 de noviembre de Came sealed. Ver todas las opiniones. This was a good price for a Windows 10 Pro key so I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t work.

I got the key within 1hr of ordering, but when entered it didn’t work Windows error. I emailed the seller and got a reply within 1hr that I’d be given another key. Sadly that didn’t work either. After a phone call the next working day I eventually got a 3rd key which did work. Obviously it’s annoying that my success rate was 1 out of 3 but to give credit to the seller their support was pretty timely and polite. Alles bestens, kann ich nur empfehlen. Productos que has visto recientemente y recomendaciones destacadas.

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FREE delivery Dec 28 – Or fastest delivery Wed, Dec Microsoft Surface 3 FREE delivery Jan 5 – 6. Or fastest delivery Mon, Dec FREE delivery Dec 27 – Related searches. Previous 1 2 Need help?

Visit the help section or contact us. Go back to filtering menu. Skip to main search results. Eligible for Free Shipping. Customer Reviews. Software Delivery Method. Software Operating System. I just spent a couple months using the win10 as it was loaded with my non-sp1 version, with blocking all updates. It works, but many features don’t fully function without updates The store or some apps. So I clicked on the link in a forum post where I cannot remember , which sent me to the Windows tool that loaded Windows 10pro.

I already have win10pro. OK, this is getting scary at this point, since I had no idea what was ahead of me, so I disconnected a few hard drives, and double checked to see if I cared about losing some stuff. Everything actually works perfectly so far , like win10 did before. The onboard update system must have been corrupted, and many people were complaining of the same corruption for their updates. Before the October Windows upgrade, there was two or three different upgrades, and made my win10 flip out.

For all of you out there with update troubles , do this, it is like a miracle. Even my Creative X-Fi sound card is still working, and it was always crushed by any update beyond the initial install disc drivers.

So, hopefully win10 will now be stable again for at least another year and beyond. I did also stumble onto a section at MS’s site that sounded like you could download or install the October upgrade, but did not investigate it further.

Trust me, I looked for that at MS’s site before, and it is always hard to find things you need at MS’s site. Hahaha on me! Had to click on a link in a random internet forum, who knows where, to get the answer I needed for this latest fix. Remember when you could call ‘BOB’ the computer genius, at the computer company? All the BOB’s are on disability now, and downsized out of work. I hope some of this helps someone out there. Especially folks that upgraded from 7,8,8. I spent good money buying the best components too.

My Creative sound card quit working all together eventually upgrade. Google Chrome was toasted time and time again, and I have everything on Google Chrome. Windows Edge runs like garbage now too. You do not have a say so in how the computer updates, and does not do any assessment for incompatibility of your components.

After tons of so called ‘upgrades’ MS downloads and installs, you end up with chow suey. My fast win7 computer is still zipping along and passing up my much faster win10 build. Oh yes, my Logitech mouse is worthless now too. Windows computers, as opposed to Apples, gave you the freedom like America once to install components and programs, and have them function for years to come like my win7 computer , but now, MS upgrades your equipment and leaves you with a choppy Edge browser, and failing peripherals.

Win7 let you pick the updates you needed. We aren’t running the Pentagon and don’t need all the National Security updates to protect the Nation. Win10 is kinda like CA, the government adds people and subtracts your money without your approval. Is this communism computer control? Another feature of win10 that was wonderful, the photo app that gave you a great array of tweaks for your photos. As time went on, even that app got worse.

It is never updated. Updates are only features you’d never use. The wonderful Media Center from winXP-win8, gone. What do we get, Windows Media Player that looks exactly the same boring way as it did 12 years ago on XP. Same features and functions too. We can actually thank lawyers for part of that, why, they sued MS for monopolizing its features on Windows. Try hooking up TV, and that gets more complicated too. Instead of windows getting smarter or including more features, we get a bland communism of nothing.

What does a win10 computer do? Not much, inherently, but will play video and music on its ten year old player. I didn’t even get a FREE freecell card game. I never thought I’d say it, but the days of the computer nerd are numbered, and we are just going to be using tablets or Apple computers in the future.

You can’t do anything with an Apple computer either, unless you buy expensive software. When they break, we toss them out instead of replacing some worn out parts. The apps on the MS site seem absolutely worthless to me. Remember the old days of buying a box with software in it, installing it, and marveling at its uses, gone! We useta know our next door neighbors too, but they don’t speak English anymore. There are a number of sites on the internet that will show you approx’ 4 ways to block win10 from updating or upgrading, and bricking yer computer.

Go there! One meters or blocks the amount of data your wifi can download, which blocks upgrades. The simple one is turning off updates or delaying updates, but MS updater knocks those walls down easily now. Two other more effectual fixes involve going in to the registry and turning off or disabling updates on a more permanent basis. I’ve done all 4 these after reloading my computer three times in a month!!

Hopefully this fixes the fixers of MS. My Creative Titanium X-Fi sound card works perfectly now, but has no quick launch console. The features are split in two windows, but everything is there, from bass to EAX functions. I have virtually no updates on the win10 now. I just tried to download and play the recent demo version of the Tomb Raider Shadows game on STEAM and it is telling me I don’t have enough updates to play it, oh well.

You can’t win, for trying to win. I can’t go back to win7 on this computer, because I’ve installed an M. Should have kept my Samsung SSD on there and then put win7 on this win10 mess, and may still.

Win10 provides heartache galore though. My Google Chrome runs awesome with not one update on win See, I can say something nice. I feel like the guy that owns the fastest car in town, but it is always at the mechanics shop and needing tuneups. My bottomline advice, get a decently fast computer, Intel i5 or i7 processor based, and put windows 7 on it, and it will run win7 like you’ve never seen a computer run, fast.

When MS shuts off all downloads for win7, we will be forced to buy win12 communism. I recently rebuilt a friend’s computer on win7. I got him a 32″ Dell HD monitor, and a decent video card for his stock HP computer, and he now has a classically fast Cadillac version of windows 7. He can’t believe the difference. Forget win10, if you can.

Good luck folks. They all ran here to complain about their poor decision to try and get something for FREE. Spin the wheel and get lucky? Most all the positive reviews for Windows 10 are from verified Amazon purchases of the disc. My friend got her laptop to upgrade because she knows computers and spent a lot of time with Microsoft on the telephone.

Here’s my Amazon’d system I built: Windows 10pro 64bit Antec High Current Gamer psu Coolermaster Hyper EVO cpu fan c Coolermaster Scout 2 ATX case It always takes a while to run a new build. Made me want to build these 4 profit it was so easy. Maybe I should have loaded win7 and spent a couple days upgrading, hahahahaha!! I decided to test how efficient win10 was on a tough customer. My i was starting to slow down on the higher settings for the new Tomb Raider game. I loaded win10 with 16gb of memory and onboard Intel Graphics.

TR would surely win this matchup. Nope, the system ran TR on normal just like my other i7 computer with win7. I have never seen a video game run on motherboard graphics, crazy!! The newly replaced start menu is a nice compromise for all us familiar with Windows. I loaded up Cortana the verbal assisstant for the new win I need to get a new microphone, but the interface seemed to work quite well, and responded to my commands even with my crummy microphone.

I know I have others stashed somewhere, but can’t find ’em. I does take a little time to get it going, and the there are prompts that seem to go nowhere at times. I put Adobe Lightroom and Nero on the win10 and all seem to run perfectly. The app for movies, TV, and music took quite a while to load and haven’t been back to it yet but it did work.

I have quite a bit of media, but Nero loaded much faster. I want to remind everyone that the crown jewel in the Windows world is not around anymore, MCE. Media Center ran TV, music, movies, Netflix, photos, etc. That is history. You are now left to fend for yourself on how to get TV and other media to play.

Between lawsuits and tired of answering questions, Microsoft wants to only be an operating system with you using apps like a Mac computer. Is the day of the tweaker a thing of the past? God of War. Red Dead Redemption 2. God of War Ragnarok PS4.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System Software for Sale – eBay

Read carefully the store description about region and language restrictions. A web that works the way you do.

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