Cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020

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Cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020

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Using the Cambria font with a range of neat headers and colour for emphasis, this ATS-compliant CV makes a great impression. This CV template has a soft grey background with white boxes cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020 highlight info.

The simple layout has a fresh modern feel. A stylish template split into two parts with your personal information on the left, a dividing line and the rest of your details on the right. This layout makes use of the professional Garamond cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020 for an attractive finish.

A fresh modern PR CV template with a clutter-free theme, designed with international or PR jobs in mind but equally suited to a wide range of professions. Uses the free Garamond font. Free download with sample information for a Marketing Manager. Sample information included for an Administrator role. This two column Receptionist CV example includes sample information for a Receptionist role, with a basic font, coloured headers and an easy-to-read layout.

Soft grey headers divide up the core sections. Sample information for a Customer Services Manager. A super-clean basic CV template that uses one of cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020 most popular CV fonts and a really simple layout. Suitable for all types of job application, roles and industries.

Get the job you deserve with a new fresh CV! The classic Garamond font is always a winner. The приведу ссылку includes smart titles, a slim border and grey accents. This clean, fresh 2-page web designer CV template with a focus on work experience is great for a wide variety of roles.

One-page CV templates are on trend at the moment, and this free CV template is a great example of why. In this version of our two-page bordered CV template we have created a more cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020 friendly version of the design that swaps out the black title box for a grey header — perfect for those sending out paper CVs.

A two-page layout with a bold border, an eye catching heading, a splash of colour and the lovely free Open Sans fonts. The two columns neatly split titles from core information, making this CV easy to skim through. A 2-page free template in Microsoft Word with sample content for a software developer. The simple ATS-friendly layout is easy to edit and work with.

An elegant UK CV template for a waitress that uses the classic Garamond cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020, and Burgundy accents — a simple border, neat headings and subtle shadows. ATS-friendly and easy to edit in Microsoft Word format. A very smart, clean two page professionally designed example CV for a UK accountant that would ideally be suited to a finance, business or analyst type role.

Skills-focused with an eye-catching crisp layout. This supersmart legal CV template is designed with a practising UK solicitor or lawyer in mind but could be adapted for any other professional legal role. This lovely graphic designer CV template in Microsoft Word format has a simple, eye-catching design and offers clear presentation of your information.

Our two page artist template is a great example of how to write an artist CV. It provides the perfect starting point for artists cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020 for exhibitions, residencies or other types of professional opportunity.

Contrasting headers add to the lovely look and feel of this layout. A simple, crisp layout, this template can be used for any industry or profession. A two-paged simple, fresh nursing CV template that has few graphics or distractions. Spacing, shading and borders are used to present the sample content in an attractive way to help you stand out from the pile. With a smart two-column layout and attractive font, this example can also be adapted to suit any role.

Crisp and modern with plenty of white space, it makes your information so easy to read. Sample info for a Customer Care Assistant. A spin on our popular Connect CV template, this skills-based layout replaces the photo with a quote box for a snippet from one of your references or a key achievement.

Super impressive design that works well as a PDF. Sample info for a Marketing Consultant. A beautifully designed accountant CV with a subtle wave background and contrasting headers. This 2-page accountant-themed CV uses a variety of ways to section off your information, from bordered boxes to bullet points, coloured blocks and stylish lists. A fresh bright layout with a professional feel. Go to page 3. The standard CV format will start with your personal details at the top.

Here is what you would usually expect to see:. Your name should be in a larger font than the rest of the CV so it stands out. After all, this is your chance to market yourself! If the employer can clearly see who they are reading about, it will help to keep your name fresh in their mind.

Middle names are optional, and you obviously need to avoid any nicknames like Mike ‘Speedy’ Smith. Always keep the format of your CV professional, and remember that you have no clue who will be reading it and how they will perceive any informalities. Professional letters such as those denoting degrees should be included if relevant to the role. Include a phone number and email address – however, for obvious reasons don’t put down your current work contact details. Also, it is good idea to create a new e-mail address specifically for your CV to ensure it looks professional.

Creating a new e-mail specifically for your CV will also make it easier to spot any messages. Can you imagine if you received an e-mail requesting an interview and it went into your junk folder along with a million and you missed it? If you’re worried about checking two email accounts, продолжение здесь up forwarding from one account to the other.

You can then log into your professional email account to reply. It’s essential to put a phone number on your CV that you know you will be able to either answer immediately, or at the very least reply to very quickly. Don’t forget to also remove any jokey answer machine message. If you are worried about answering the call whilst you are at work, you could state some times on your CV when you are available.

Finally, most people include their address. Few UK employers send out interview invites by post these days, but it’s good to include an address just in case. Talking about your family on источник CV may lead an employer to wonder if you struggle with family commitments – even if there is no actual cause for concern. These details do not have to be included on your CV; however you may decide that it would benefit how the employer will perceive you.

But it really depends on the role you’re applying for and the organisation you’re applying to. Remember, giving details about marital status and family is completely optional and it’s best to leave these out if you have any doubts. Only include them if you’re entirely confident that including these details will benefit you.

The employer cannot make a decision on whether to hire you or not from this information as per the Equality Act. However, be aware that some UK employers may discriminate ‘behind closed doors’ and you will have no way of knowing if this is why you didn’t get an interview. Similar to your marital status and family life, your date of birth is not compulsory for a CV.

You cannot be discriminated against based on age when employers are making the decision to hire you or not. Again, deciding whether or not to include your date of birth windows 10 professional 32 bit iso down to personal choice and your potential knowledge of the industry. If you are worried that your age may put off an employer from requesting an interview too young or too oldthen don’t put it down.

UK employers should not filter candidates for an interview based on age, gender or such other protected characteristics. However, it’s impossible to know whether good practice has been adhered to or not.

It is therefore better not to take the risk. An example of where nationality could be relevant is for a translator or language teacher role. The same legislation above also prohibits discrimination on the grounds of nationality or race. You may need to provide additional information depending on the job you are applying for. It could be a driving job, so stating that you have a full UK driving licence will show you are already cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020 that box.

Another great example is if you are applying for a computer or website based role. For such roles, you would use this section to showcase your talents with links to website or ventures you’ve created yourself. There are mixed opinions about whether it is a positive or negative to include a photo on your CV. Certainly, if appearance is important to your job, it makes sense to include a professional headshot. For more по ссылке of the pros and cons, read our article ‘ Should I include a CV photo?

Sometimes the personal statement is known by other names such as ‘objective’, ‘profile’, ‘career goal’ or ‘introduction’. This is one of the most important parts of your CV as it’s essentially the crux of your job application. A good statement can increase your chances of the employer noticing your CV. On the flipside, a poorly written statement will lower the chances of them wanting to know more.

And one читать больше When you’re writing your personal statement, focus on the job specification and pick out the most important продолжить чтение the employer is looking for. If you’re short of work experience, consider volunteering. As noted above, work experience or ’employment history’ is most commonly listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent position first.

It’s fine to include part time and voluntary roles in this section. There is no need to create a huge list of tasks and responsibilities under each role if they will not make an impact on this cv template free download 2020 – cv template free download 2020 position.



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Rate my article: free cv templates. The hybrid template is a combination of functional and reverse-chronological and focuses on both skills and experiences. For more information on how to place these sections on your resume, check out our article on what to put on a resume. This section is quite self explanatory, but it’s worth noting that you can again consider what is the most important and relevant to the role you are applying for. You can also use hobbies to demonstrate soft skills such as teamwork and communication.


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