Facial Massages And Beauty Care

By Arsya Feb 18, 2021 #beauty #facial #massages

The benefits of massages are well known to everyone. It is one of the most important form of healing technique that has very positive effects on our body and makes our skin look firm, smooth and young. Besides this, there are many other benefits like improving the blood circulation, reduction and wrinkles and fine lines, removal of tension, etc.
Facial massage is a very important ingredient of any beauty therapy since it also balances the moisture content and gives that extra radiance and glow to your skin that enhances your personality and makes you look naturally beautiful.
Method of doing facial massage
Generally, facial massage is done using the fingers but these days you also get some battery operated devices that help you in getting the same effect without feeling tired. There is a simple way of doing it –
A� Lie down in a comfortable position, with your eyes closed and some good-quality soft aromatic oils readily available nearby. You can heat up the oil slightly to be about 10A�C more than the body temperature.
A� Dip your fingers in the oil, and gently rub it on the face in a circular motion. Start with slow strokes so that we do not harm the skin in any way.
A� Ensure that there is no friction between the skin of your face and your fingers. Start with your forehead and go downwards toward the chin and the neck. The moment of the fingers should be from out to in, in a circular motion.
A� Take extra care and Keep the oil away from the eyes while applying it below the eyes
Facial massages can be done right in the comfort of your home and do not take too much of your time. however, occasionally it is good to avail the services of one of the well-known massage centers to get a professional touch.

By Arsya

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