Hair Hacks: A Guide to Choosing the Best Wigs for Every Face

By Arsya May 20, 2022

In the past, wigs were used as a symbol of power. Now, wigs are assimilated as one of the accessories to support appearance.

Wigs have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptian civilization. These accessories used to be often worn to show social status to position and power in the political world. The wigs worn by the ancient Egyptians were made from animal hair, specifically sheep. The feathers are then woven and braided to get a shape that fits the head.

The existence of wigs does not always subside even though human civilization has accelerated in such a way. Instead, wigs have become a kind of record reflecting civilization from time to time. For example, the existence of wigs during the 14th century syphilis epidemic in Europe.

At that time, these head accessories were commonly worn by Europeans, especially in mainland England, to protect rotting scars on the scalp due to contracting syphilis. Wigs are also a reflection of the bourgeoisie during the French revolution era of the 18th century.

The popularity of wigs in modern times (read: 21st century) began in Hollywood when a number of veteran artists such as Tina Turner and Diana Ross often wore them in front of the camera. After that, wigs became an inseparable part of the realm of entertainment and fashion . Also, more and more manufacturers are producing wigs with cuts, colors and various styles.

But how to choose a wig that looks natural like real hair? Try some of the following tricks.

Measure Head Circumference
The size of the head circumference is the main key so that the wig worn looks natural like natural hair. There’s no need to bother when faced with a number of wigs of various sizes if you already know for sure how big your head circumference is. And sometimes, just trying here and there based on the design doesn’t give the right size.

Get to know the type of hair material
The hair material used to make the wig determines the visuals and comfort of the wearer’s head. There are three types of hair material that you need to know like from First, a wig from real hair. A dominant wig that comes from real hair will give a more natural visual impression while also bringing comfort to the head. The durability of this type of hair is the highest among all. However, this wig with real hair is quite limited.

Second, a wig from remy hair . This type of hair is actually real hair. The difference is, remy hair is collected from hair donors and mixed with one another. Because it is obtained from donor hair, the best quality that can be found in this wig. Moreover, the availability is quite abundant in the market compared to human hair type wigs .

Third, namely the type of synthetic hair. Wigs made from this material don’t really give a natural impression like the previous two types. However, the price of this hair wig is quite affordable. Usually synthetic type wigs are used for activities that require crazy looks.

Choose a Fiber Cover
This covering layer functions like the scalp into which strands of hair are rooted. We recommend that you choose a layer made of fiber to give a more natural impression when making the cleavage on the wig.

Adjust Face Tone with Hair Tone
The appropriate hue between the face and hair will minimize the false impression on the appearance of your head and face. The secret, choose a lighter colored wig for the front area of ​​the face.

By Arsya

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