Homemade Acne Treatments

By Arsya Feb 27, 2022

Homemade Acne Treatments

Acne is one of the many trials to be endured on the road to adulthood. While the cause of acne for everyone is different, sometimes a viral infection that can be combated with antibiotics or an excessive buildup of oil and dead skin, being proactive in maintaining the overall health of skin helps reduce the severity of the outbreaks. Skin can only withstand so much chemical abuse from drug store anti-acne products containing benzoyl peroxide. A common mistake made by most sufferers of acne is using too much too soon and stripping the skin of essential nutrients and moisture that it needs to repair itself from the open sores of acne. A great deal can be done to control redness, reduce the intensity of future outbreaks and heal existing sores with homemade acne treatments.

Bacteria resides all over human skin. When this bacteria suddenly becomes neighbors with active acne, a recipe for infection and inflammation begins. This is where obnoxious blackheads become deep, painful swollen pores that take a week to clear up. An effective homemade acne treatment for keeping down levels of is using whitening toothpaste as a facial wash. This is best done if no open sores are present as this treatment tends to tingle and can sting on an open sore. This treatment has been recommended by beauty magazines for many years as a spot treatment. It has been found to be more effective as an overall wash. Apply the toothpaste to fingertips and apply to the face, avoiding eyes, mouth and nostrils. Rinse off immediately afterwards and follow with a noncomedogenic moisturizer like Nivea. This will strip away the bacteria, but keep the moisture that is vital for healthy skin at a balanced level.

In addition to stripping away bacteria that causes acne is keeping the skin at its best with facial masks and regular exfoliation efforts. Acne becomes possible due to extra sticky oil and dead skin cells becoming lodged in pores. A simple white sugar scrub with an anti-bacterial cleanser will remove skin cells that are no longer effective and expose room for healthy new cells to grow. Preexisting oils and bacteria in the skin can be squeezed out with a simple facial mask involving ground oatmeal flakes and an egg white. The egg white and oatmeal should be mixed together until frothy and applied to the face and neck. This mixture will dry in 10-15 minutes. Gently wash this hardened mask away. The oatmeal keeps the skin soft and reduces redness while the egg white squeezed shut overly opened pores, making skin appear smoother, cleaner and reducing the openings for dirt to enter the skin.

These simple treatments are effective, inexpensive and a good break from the traditional medicated cleansers and creams. Skin temperament determines how vigorously one can combat their acne issues with homemade acne treatments. The goal is for skin to feel clean and refreshed, not sore, dry or raw. Always use skin reactions as a guide to the effectiveness.

By Arsya

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