Hottest Female Hair Removal Brands of 2010

By Arsya Apr 7, 2022

Hottest Female Hair Removal Brands of 2010

For many years now, women have been battling unwanted hair. From almost invincible peach-fuzz type of hair to coarser and darker excess hair, undesired hair is a common problem that make us feel less feminine and can easily ruin our confidence. Even though most women have been using different methods and products that satisfy their own requirements, maybe it is about time to test some other products that may bring better results. Based upon average 100 real customer reviews for each product, here are the most preferred hair removal products of the past 2010.

Tria Laser Hair Removal System

Most women interested in laser hair removal methods, but not willing to spend a lot of money on professional procedures have decided to go with the Tria at-home laser system. It brings best results when used over smaller areas, but it is not recommended for facial hair removal. Over time (usually 2-3 months), the product can reduce hair growth. Bear in mind this is not a permanent hair removal solution.

Average product price: $500

No!No! Hair Removal

A revolutionary hair removal product that uses thermicon based heat technology. This is another great product that you can use at the comfort of your home. Clinical studies show that No!No! may reduce hair growth with up to 65% if used properly. This innovative solution guarantees that hair will grow back thinner and finer. The biggest advantage of No!No! is that it is completely painless, while the possible burnt odor may appear as its main downside.

Average product price: $260


Revitol depilatory cream promises to replace your daily hair removal duties. Principle of work is the same like many other depilatory products. However, the aggressive advertising policy of Revitol has brought much more sales making it one of the most used products of 2010. Main advantage of the product is that it is painless and it does not burn your skin. Nevertheless, it does not remove hair completely and having in mind it contains chemical ingredients, it should not be used repeatedly over the same areas.

Average product price: $15 per bottle


Vaniqa is a prescription hair inhibitor that may reduce hair growth. It affects hair follicles and disrupts their growth. You can only use the product combined with other hair elimination method such as waxing, sugaring or shaving. Side effects may occur; skin irritations such as redness, stinging, burning, acne or rash. It is mandatory to consult your doctor/physician before you can use Vaniqa.

Average product price: $50 per single tube

Vector Electrolysis

You can easily use the system at the privacy of your home. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Unfortunately, results are not guaranteed. Vector is an easy to use system that may lead to reduction in hair growth. Even though many people find it hard to use, the product works well if used properly. It is very time consuming and lots of side effects may appear.

Average product price: $200

No matter which product will suit your own preferences, make sure it has a good return policy. There is absolutely no guarantee that a certain method will bring results, so you should be able to easily return it and test another one.

By Arsya

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