How to Recognize a Good Dentist?

By Arsya Jun 2, 2021


Tip 1: A personal recommendationIf you are looking for a good dentist, personal recommendations from friends or online portals can help.

However, caution is advised when evaluating online : patients who have had negative experiences give a rating more often than those who are satisfied. In some cases, however, positive comments are also falsified in order to consciously generate a good rating. So it is better to rely on the opinion of acquaintances or friends who would like to go to this dentist themselves.

Tip 2: At the first anamnesis

The anamnesis lays an important foundation at the first appointment: an anamnesis sheet is used to ask about your underlying diseases and medication . Your dentist should know about these and talk to you about them. This information is important for him to adapt his treatment and to know about possible interactions.

Tip 3: on impeccable hygiene

Even in the waiting room you can get a first impression of the cleanliness of the practice. If there is a thick layer of dust here, one can assume that hygiene is not being taken too seriously in the other rooms as well.

The dentist and his team should also wear appropriate work clothing. The clothes have to look clean. When working, the dentist should wear gloves and mouth guards and change them as soon as he leaves the room or comes into contact with something unclean. Just like what they do in Dentist Austin TX.

Tip 4: Adequate treatment time

A good dentist takes a lot of time during the check-up . He shows patience and will respond to your worries and needs. If the patient is afraid, a lot of empathy and a calm charisma are important.

He will then explain the findings to you in detail and give you any suggestions for improving your oral hygiene at home. If he recognizes the need for treatment, he should inform you about it in understandable language. You need to understand where the cause is and what it is.

The dentist will explain to you about various therapy options and the respective advantages and disadvantages . The final decision is then ultimately yours.

Tip 5: on the provision

A good dentist always tries to prevent illness . He should therefore inform you about deficiencies at an early stage and give suggestions for improvement. Existing defects should be treated quickly to avoid worse.

In addition, the dental practice should offer professional teeth cleaning . Here, tartar, discoloration and plaque are removed, even in places that are inaccessible to you. In turn, it serves to prevent tooth and gum disease.

Tip 6: In education about costs

If there are any costs for a treatment, you must be informed in advance about how high these will be . Often there is a free variant that the dentist must explain to you.

With dentures, however, you have to expect costs, whereby the so-called standard care must be offered: this is the cheapest alternative. Basically, the prices should be transparent and understandable.

Tip 7: (Not) in modern technology

The competence and experience of the dentist is more important than impressive equipment in the practice. Modern high-tech devices do not guarantee successful treatment , which is why you should not make your choice of dentist dependent on it.

Tip 8: At the follow-up check

After the treatment, a good dentist will continue to look after you. In the case of complex therapies, a follow-up appointment is recommended to check the success again.

If you are not yet satisfied with the result, a good dentist will treat you free of charge and find a solution for you. Patients who come for regular follow-ups usually have better oral health.

By Arsya

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