Miscellaneous Hair Extensions That Are Often Done at Salons

By Arsya May 9, 2022

In addition to healthy hair , some people also want long, beautiful shiny hair. Even so, lengthening hair naturally turns out to be difficult and long. The good news is, you can change the appearance of your hair so that it looks long and thick, by using hair extensions from wighairemyextension.com.

What are hair extensions ?

Hair extensions are hair extension methods by adding a number of strands of hair to the hair you already have. The goal of this treatment is to lengthen hair and help fill in thin hair.

This method of lengthening hair is preferred by owners of short hair. The extension hair will blend into the natural hair and make the hair appear longer quickly.

Hair extension method

Hair extensions are not as easy as it sounds. You can choose various types of hair extensions with different processing times. When treatment at the salon , the hair stylist will usually ask in advance the length of time you have to use hair extensions.

Some methods may look good, but of course at a price that is not small. The more effort and focus it takes to get your hair done, the more it will cost you.

Get to know what hair extension methods suit your time and pocket below.

Weaving/stitching hair extensions

One of the most popular hair extension methods is weaving hair extensions . This method takes advantage of the few strands of hair that are on your head and will be woven horizontally across the scalp.

Then, this additional part will be sewn using a special needle and thread. This type of hair extension is said to be safer and more durable. However, you must have thick hair to cover the basic braid properly.

However, weaving hair can cause scalp pain and can be heavy and uncomfortable at times.

Micro bonds

Besides hair weaving, another hair extension method is micro bonds . Micro bonds use small hoops to pull in natural hair and metal beads to clip and tie the extensions to your natural hair.

By Arsya

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