New Skincare Treatments That Improve Firmness and Skin Tightening

New skincare treatments for tightening and increasing the skin’s firmness have recently been found. You may have read about the goals for skin tightening in one of my other articles. Let me repeat them just in case.
Those goals are to stimulate the production of new cells and fibers, while increasing the skin’s hyaluronic acid content. No single compound can accomplish all that. But one does come close. It’s called Functional Keratin.
If you have been a reader of ingredients labels, you may have seen keratin listed for many years. The old keratin was denaturalized through the use of harsh chemicals and high temperatures.
The benefits the ingredient provided were few, if any, because the skin’s cells cannot absorb or use the denaturalized protein. Keratin happens to be a major component of the cells of the skin’s epidermis. That’s the outer layer, the one we look at in the mirror every day.
While collagen and elastin proteins are used to make new elastic fibers. Keratin is used to make new cells. The more cells made, the faster the replacement rate and the younger your skin looks.
Functional Keratin is a new skincare ingredient. No harsh chemicals or high heats are used in the manufacturing process. It can be absorbed and used by the skin’s cells. It has been shown to cause a dramatic increase in the number of new cells present in the epidermis. In some cases, a 160% increase has been seen.
In less than three weeks, a 40% improvement in the skin’s firmness (tightness) has been seen. Want more?
Functional Keratin has also been shown to stimulate the production of new elastic fibers. It causes an increase in the amount of collagen present in the skin’s dermis. Basically, it provides the nourishment necessary to build new skin and that’s what we need to improve the skin’s appearance, whether the cause of the problem was weight loss or a simple part of the aging process.
The other new skincare treatment is based on a very old beauty secret. Women around the Sea of Japan have used masks and creams made of wakame seaweed for many years. It has been called a beauty protector.
Modern research has isolated the effective compounds and identified their activity. According to researchers, wakame extracts inhibit the breakdown of the skin’s hyaluronic acid.
Some of the best new skincare creams on the market contain both wakame and Functional Keratin. That should be an effective combination.

By Arsya

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