Olive Oil Facial Cleansers – Are They Really Effective?

By Arsya Jul 18, 2022

Olive Oil Facial Cleansers – Are They Really Effective?

Olive oil facial cleansers – this term itself is self contradictory. What possible contribution can oil make in a facial cleanser? Come to think of it; actually there is lot of hype that surrounds it. It is indeed very good for health; there are numerous advantages that it can provide to our body. In many countries like Greece, Spain and India people are well aware of the its medicinal values. But its use in a facial cleanser is doubtful.

I am saying this because cleansing means removal of dirt and oil from clogged pores of skin. If you already have oily skin which means your skin produces more oil than normal then chances of clogged pores are more. Then olive oil is not going to help in cleaning it. Think about it – the skin is already oily and you put more oil on top of it to clean it, how will that help in unclogging the pores? It will not.

Most of the companies want to ride the hype wave and make money out it. All they do is add a little olive oil in facial skin care products and market them using the so called olive oil benefits. You need to be little careful here. Make a habit of going through the ingredient list every time you buy a skin care product. Find out from the internet what are the harmful ingredients used in some of the commercially available skin care products.

Don’t fall for fragrant products – they definitely will work for your senses but will not work for your skin, especially facial skin; it needs more care than any other part because facial skin is very sensitive.

What you need is a honey based facial cleanser. Especially active manuka honey, this honey is collected from manuka bush in New Zealand and has a UMF i.e. Unique Manuka Factor more than 10. You need not worry about how to procure this honey and use it; instead you can use products that use active manuka honey as one of the active ingredients.

Finally we can conclude: Though olive oil is good for our health and there are many other benefits but olive oil facial cleansers are not at all beneficial. Facial cleansers with manuka honey are something that will definitely work for you. I would recommend you not to spend any time or money on olive oil facial cleansers.

By Arsya

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