Organic Beauty Products Or Natural Beauty Products? There is a Difference When it Comes to Skin Care

Why settle for bath and body treatments that don’t live up to their labels when you can make organic beauty products at home? Many commercial products say “organic” on the label, but upon closer examination may contain many non-organic ingredients. As an example, I recently checked out a bottle of lotion that features the word “organic” prominently in the name of the product. Upon closer examination, I learned that this particular lotion is really only 72% from organic sources. Misleading to say the least! This is very commonplace with many commercial skin care products.

Organic beauty products are not the same thing as natural products. Organic is a designation that means that the ingredients are grown using sustainable farming practices and without chemical pesticides or herbicides. Natural beauty products are made using natural ingredients such as fruits, oils, honey, etc. but these ingredients may or may not be from organic sources. If you are purchasing beauty products, make sure that they are labeled organic if you are concerned about the source of these products. If you have difficulties finding organic ingredients in your local stores, there are a number of reputable online suppliers to purchase organic ingredients from.

If you are a chemically sensitive person, making your own organic beauty products is the solution to your sensitive skin issues. You can make your own lotions, lip balms for your lips, creams and facial masks and more that are cheaper and just as effective as the commercial brands at home but don’t contain the irritating chemicals. You can also make soaps and bath products without fragrance if you are sensitive to them. As well as being able to avoid chemicals that you may be sensitive to, you will likely find that you will save money over commercial products as well. Many bath and body products are marked up as much as 600% percent over the cost to make them. Visit Lip Fillers Nottingham for your pretty lips.

There is another bonus to making organic beauty products at home. Many expensive cosmetic brands contain a large proportion of water (often 70% or more) and synthetic ingredients used to create their products cheaply as possible. By making your own beauty treatments, you can choose to use organic ingredients to make your treatments even more effective than the expensive beauty brands since they won’t be full of water or synthetic fillers. It’s really much more simple than you would ever think to make organic skin care at home with healthy organic ingredients.

By Arsya

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