Organic Skincare – 5 Powerful Organic Skincare Ingredients

Organic Skincare oils and natural ingredients provide many benefits to the skin. Some ingredients have been used for thousands of years. These ingredients may act as a beneficial ingredient or carrier oil but they usually provide both qualities.
5 Powerful Organic Skincare Ingredients:
Aloe Vera
The Aloe Vera plant has been used for centuries to heal infection and treat burns. Evidence exists showing Ancient Egyptians, Arabs, Africans and Indians used it. The Chinese have used aloe vera gel for treating various skin conditions for centuries. Quality Organic Skincare products use Aloe Vera as a substitute for water. It has moisture content as high as 95%.
Though used as a Skincare product Aloe Vera is used in drinks and can be used in Medicines and Supplements the aloe vera plant has been hailed as a medicinal plant with many a beneficial property. It is a common plant in many home gardens around the world and is virtually maintenance free. In Skincare the sap from Aloe Vera is used to speed the healing of wounds and reduce inflammation.
Organic Aloe Vera can be found in: Most skin care products. Aloe Vera is a common substitute for water in Quality products.
Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang oil provides several skincare benefits. It delivers a stimulating effect on the skin. Ylang Ylang oil helps to correct the production of sebum in the body and is often used in hair care. It is known to deliver beneficial results in combating anxiety, stress, depression and hypertension.
Organic Ylang Ylang can be found in: Body wash, Shampoos, Baby care, Massage oils and Body creams and lotions.
Calendula officianalis (Pot Marigold, English Marigold) is a common plant found in gardens around the world. Particularly common in Cottage Gardens. Calendula is an anti-fungal and antiseptic. It contains hormone and Vitamin A to help soothe, heal, and restore skin.
Organic Calendula can be found in: Skin conditioners, Moisturisers and Baby products
Yucca schidigera
The Yucca plant is a native of the south-western deserts of North America. Native American Indians used it for washing, shampooing, and for several medicinal uses. Research has shown that natural saponins, such as those found in Yucca, can repair damage to cell membranes of the skin and scalp that can cause a loss in nutrients.
The plant itself is an the agave from the family, Agavacea.
Organic Yucca schidigera can be found in: Shampoos, Shaving creams and gels, Baby products and Cleansers
Sunflower Oil
The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) can retain moisture in the skin. Many other plant based oils act in a similar way. Sunflower oil comes from sunflower seeds. It has a very high level of linoleic acid (averaging 40% to 75%), which offers superior skin compatibility and increases the moisture content of the skin. Skin hydration is proportional to the level of linoleic acid in the skin).
Organic Sunflower oil can be found in: Massage oils, moisturises, foundations and lip balm.

By Arsya

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