Rosacea Skincare – Calm the Redness

By Arsya Sep 14, 2021

Rosacea Skincare – Calm the Redness

Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects both men and women. It is often referred to as adult acne because it can cause outbreaks. Rosacea causes flushing of the face which eventually leads to permanently enlarged visible red blood vessels and capillaries. The flushed, red faced appearance is caused by enlarged visible red blood vessels and capillaries, and usually appears across the cheeks, nose and mid face.

Most people with rosacea experience flare-ups, with redness appearing for a few weeks or months and then lessening for a while before flaring up again. It is an annoying and embarrassing problem!

Left untreated, rosacea can worsen over time. But the good news is that here are several treatments that can help lessen the appearance of the redness. One treatment that works particularly well is the intense pulsed light (IPL). IPL uses a bright flash of visible light that targets the dilated blood vessels in the skin. The light beams close off the enlarged blood vessels, thus reducing the appearance of facial redness. The IPL is much gentler than the traditional laser treatment, and produces less visible signs of treatment such as bruising.

Another less expensive treatment is to find a good skin cream that is designed to treat rosacea. You can get a prescription for this from your dermatologist. These creams or gels are applied topically to the affected area to reduce the redness.

It is important to take good care of your skin if you have rosacea. Use gentle, water-based products and avoid products that contain alcohol which can irritate your skin. Foundation and other makeup should be water based as well, and try to use products that are created for sensitive skin.

Learn what causes your flare-ups and keep a journal so that you can begin to identify triggers. Flare-ups can be caused by many things such as a certain food or drink, a skin care product, the weather, or stress. Once you learn your triggers you will have a better chance of reducing your rosacea from flaring up.

By Arsya

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