Skin Care Products – Are They Just All the Same?

By Arsya Dec 26, 2020 #products

While more and more and people try several skin care products to find one that will work for their skin, companies are constantly developing new products to work well with yours. It isn’t a surprise that even men nowadays are starting to become conscious about their skin. Here are some tips on how to choose the right product that will work well with your skin:
– Type – not all cleansers are the same with others. Others are medicated, especially for acne-prone skin, while others are moisture-rich, for dry skin. Find a good cleanser that matches you, but make sure it doesn’t make your skin feel tight. Of course, there are cleansers which work well with all skin types, such as Cetaphil.
– Ingredients – moisturizers, toners & other skin care products do not have the same ingredients. It is best to check with the packaging and see if it will target what you want to care most about. For example, Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist is not the same with L’oreal’s Pure Zone. You cannot use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Line with your wrinkles… you know what that means. It is also always good to check because you might have an allergy from one of the ingredients in the products.
– The Whole She-Bang – Do you really need to moisturize or to tone? This all depends on you and your needs. If you feel that your skin is so dry, then moisturizers might come in handy. Otherwise, you don’t really need to lather all those creams on your face.
– Brand – While some people think that the more expensive brands usually are better than lower-priced skin care products, it isn’t always true all the time. Clean & Clear, Dove, Nivea and Pond’s have been trusted by so many people all over the world for a long time – and they aren’t even very expensive. Don’t be fooled by branded skin care products and be on the lookout for reasonably priced products as it can also work well with your skin.
– For the face & for the body – Most products are intended for the face and some are intended only for the body. While the common practice would be that skin care products can’t be switched to one another, some people actually try them on the face or the body. For example, St. Ives’ Medicated Apricot Scrub can also help lessen your body acne. So don’t be confined with the instructions on the packaging all the time.
With dozens of skin care products in the market, it is quite hard to choose. Experiment, try on your own, read reviews in the Internet if you must, and do not hesitate to ask – you will never know if you never try. A good skin care regimen will work wonders with the right diet of fruits & vegetables, vitamin supplements, water & enough sleep. So go ahead – put on that cream and laze around the house for your much-needed beauty nap.

By Arsya

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