Sleep Can Make You Look Beautiful

By Arsya Jun 22, 2020 #beautiful #sleep

Nothing makes you look better than getting your daily quota of beauty sleep. Most people tend to take the benefits of sound sleep for granted, but research has shown that a good night’s rest is vital for your physical as well as your mental well being. The healthier your mind and body, the better you will look. You can always make out the difference between someone who sleeps well and someone who doesn’t. The person with eight hours of tranquil sleep under the belt will be calm, relaxed and blooming.
The first sign of sleep deprivation is when someone always looks gaunt and tired, and obviously exhausted. You can try and camouflage it with make-up, but lack of sleep always shows. A couple of sleepless nights can lower your immunity, which definitely isn’t the best recipe for beauty. Not getting adequate sleep is also known to affect your body’s ability to process foods, and can lead to weight gain. Another important reason why enough sleep is essential is that your skin cells and hair follicles rejuvenate themselves while you sleep. Healthy skin and hair are prerequisites for a beautiful you.
How to ensure a good night’s sleep
If you are consistently having trouble sleeping, there are ways to manage this problem. Buy a good quality mattress that provides adequate support to your body. Make sure it has enough space for you and your partner for undisturbed sleep. If your bed isn’t the problem, examine your bedroom closely. You should always be in a stress-free comfortable atmosphere that soothes you to sleep. If unwanted light is creating a problem, wear a sleep mask to keep it out.
Background noise can be eliminated by a system that generates white noise. If you just can’t seem to fall asleep, or take too long to do so, try and listen to binaural beat records. These are soothing sounds of flowing water, usually rain or ocean waves, which gradually slow down. Your brain waves too slow down in response to the record and you gradually fall asleep. Slowing down your brain waves to about 5hz will get them into the delta rhythm, which is naturally conducive to good sleep.
How to diagnose Sleeping Problems
Sleep is essential. But everyone does not need the same amount of sleep to get re-energized. The best way to find out what works best for you is to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up naturally, without being disturbed by outside sources such as an alarm clock, light or your partner. If you have persistent trouble sleeping, always seem to wake up in the middle of the night, or feel fatigued, consult your health care provider. These may be signs of a sleeping disorder.

By Arsya

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