Sports Hobby? Here are Hair Care Products for Active Men

By Arsya Mar 31, 2022

No matter how busy we are, exercise should be a part of our lifestyle. Whether done twice a week, three times, or even every day. While there will soon be the biggest sporting event in Asia, there’s nothing wrong with being active again in scheduling a futsal or mini soccer match while waiting for the kick off to start. Not bad, isn’t the body so active after sitting for a long time at work?

Not all shampoos are suitable for thin and dry hair. We recommend choosing a shampoo with a good content for thin hair.  The reason is, shampoo can clean and provide the care needed for thin hair types.

But don’t stop there. The amount of sweat produced during exercise can cause new problems if not balanced with proper care. Especially if your sport of choice includes ‘heavyweight’ such as muay thai , futsal, or running.

Men naturally produce more oil than women. That’s why active men are more prone to dandruff. The combination of the two, oil and sweat, can be a fatal combination that invites dandruff when it accumulates. The most appropriate solution is to choose a men’s hair care product that suits your hair needs Best Dry Shampoo.

Before it becomes a hair problem, follow some steps you can try to keep your hair healthy:

The frequency of shampooing affects everything . Do a schedule of shampooing every two days if you are quite active, for example you exercise 3 times a week. Wash every day if you exercise every day.
Limit the use of styling products. Especially those that have a fairly dense consistency like pomade . We recommend using a lighter or water-based one.
Choose the right shampoo . If your hair is very oily, choose one that has deep cleansing benefits . However , if the scalp itch easily , choose one that contains menthol .
Need a guide to choosing the right shampoo for your hair needs? Check out our guide and recommendations below.

By Arsya

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