Target Specific Areas Of Your Body With Laser Hair Removal

By Arsya Apr 17, 2022

Target Specific Areas Of Your Body With Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be an incredibly practical solution for those individuals who want to reduce or get rid of hair on targeted areas of their body. The greatest benefit is the permanence of the hair removal, as supported by years of scientific research and proven results.

The way laser hair removal works is through a concentrated laser beam, which is aimed at each hair follicle. When the procedure is performed correctly, the energy from the beam penetrates harmlessly through the skin and the heat reduces and finally eliminates the hair completely. This treatment is most effective for facial hair and other small patches of unwanted hair. It can work for larger areas, but requires more time and multiple treatments. People with lighter skin and darker, coarse hair will see the best results overall. Costs for the procedure depends on the number of visits needed, the area being treated, the method used, and the city where the clinic is located.

This option may not be the best one for every individual, and there are minor risks involved. As the laser targets the hair shaft, it can possibly damage the skin’s pigmentation. The beam remains in contact with the follicle long enough for its heat to work, but if that spot is exposed too long to the laser, the heat may spread to the skin surrounding the hair and cause damage. Other side effects may include scars, darkening of tattoos, reddened skin, blisters, crusting, and hypo-pigmentation. To reduce the risk, the procedure should be performed by a thoroughly trained professional at a reputable clinic.

Another option for removal of hair is Intense Pulsated Light, otherwise known as IPL. Like laser hair removal, IPL uses a kind of laser to permanently remove unwanted hair, but instead of a solid beam, it emits a spectrum of light to target the strand. This makes the procedure safer but in many cases produces less effective results, leading to a lower success rate.

Depending on the individual’s comfort level and the results he or she desires, either hair removal option may be a better fit. Laser hair removal is the more effective procedure, and after a few treatments, will lead to permanent removal of hair. The nature of the procedure, however, may also expose the individual to more risks if it is not done correctly. Consult with a qualified professional to achieve the best results and to avoid potential harm. Reputable clinics will be happy to explain every option and address any concerns, and will guide you to make the best decision to suit your needs.

By Arsya

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