The Best Makeup for Each Face Shape

By Arsya Oct 21, 2020 #makeup #shape

As there are different kinds of makeup, there are also different facial shapes. To get the most out of your favorite best beauty products, you must first know the basic and right shape of your face. You know how something as simple as applying makeup can enhance your looks and while it is not possible to alter genetics, knowing basic techniques can go a long way on augmenting and enriching your face.
Oval face shape – this shape is said to be the ideal shape when it comes to enhancing how you look because it is perfectly balanced therefore no need for elaborate makeup application or hair style. When shaping the eyebrows for example, just follow the natural shape of the brows. Apply lipstick and outline the lower lip to achieve a fuller result but no need to outline the upper lips. Cheeks can be enhanced with blush on in a ‘C’ shape manner, blending well up to the edge of the eyes.
Round face shape – this shape has a length from the forehead going down to the chin and wider going from one cheek to the other cheek. Round shape can be enhanced by trying to make it more oval and this is achieved by applying some fundamental contouring techniques. Highlight the forehead, upper part of the cheeks, below your eyes and the middle of the chin. Then get a darker shade to contour the temples, the rest of your cheeks as well as your jaw. What is important here after applying these shades is to blend and blend well. Read other:
Heart face shape – heart shaped face normally has a wider forehead but ends with a narrow chin. With this shape, play down the width of the forehead by putting on darker foundation while put on a lighter shade on the chin and the rest of the jaw line for a wider look. No need to contour the upper and lower lips, just apply following the lip line. Blush on can be applied on the top of the cheeks.
Square face shape – this shape is said to look quite strong, having the same straight width from right to left side of the forehead, across the two cheeks and from one side of the jaw to the other. Applying your best beauty products to this shape should be done to make your face look softer. First, apply a dark shade of foundation from the hairline of the temples going down to the strong jaw line for a softer look. Also make the eyebrows round shaped to further tone down the wide face shape. Make the lips look fuller to distract it from the distinct jaw line. Apply blush on, on the cheeks blending it down for a longer and softer look.
Long face shape – long face shape is normally described with hollow cheeks, a raised forehead and quite a distinctive jaw. To get an appealing look, an illusion of a wider shape must be done. Make the eyebrows look a bit thicker and eye makeup applied to attain a wide eyed look. Lips also must look fuller and a dark foundation used on the jaw and forehead.
Contouring a face is essential as a basic make up technique and to get the best result, one needs to have two different shades of makeup. One is lighter and the other of course must be darker. Blush on is also a useful product for proper contouring but the most important aspect is to blend well so you will look normal even with make up on and not like you’re smothered with face paint.

By Arsya

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