The Best Possible Facial Skin Care Product – Why What You’re Offered is Often Far From It

By Arsya Jul 20, 2022

The Best Possible Facial Skin Care Product – Why What You’re Offered is Often Far From It

What you are undoubtedly looking for the best possible anti aging facial skin care product that you can possibly get your hands on, but what you are being offered is often far from that. The quality of most of the products being provided by the cosmetics industry is incredibly low, and despite the promises of the manufacturers that their formulas are safe and effective they are actually neither.

There are literally thousands of different chemical agents regularly used in the development of skin care formulas, and the vast majority of them can be hazardous to your health. These chemicals are primarily used a preservatives, antibacterial agents and firming compounds, all of which are necessary. Natural compounds will act in these roles every bit as effectively as chemical agents, and natural ingredients won’t pose a threat to your well being.

A not so fun fact that most consumers don’t seem to realize is that there are roughly 4,000 chemical agents that are used just to produce the fragrance of an anti aging facial skin care product. To me, introducing potentially harmful chemical agents to create scent is just exposing you to chemicals for the sake of doing it. Fragrance plays no role whatsoever in changing the way your skin looks and feels.

The cosmetics companies do not have to use chemicals in their formulas for any reason, but they will continue to use them because they are available at very low cost. Most cosmetics companies won’t spring for the few extra dollars per product that it would take for them to supply you with the healthy ingredients you need in order to revitalize your skin. Your safety and satisfaction is not a consideration when it comes to developing their products.

Thank goodness that not every anti aging facial skin care product is developed using harmful chemical agents, but the ones that aren’t can sometimes be difficult to find. They are generally manufactured by smaller companies that are more concerned with quality than most of the larger corporations are. Many of the best anti aging formulas are being developed in places that most people would never think of.

New Zealand is where the finest line of anti aging formulas is being produced, with a company there having discovered the only ingredient known to stimulate the increased production of fresh collagen and elastin proteins. This ingredient is called Cynergy TK, and it is a mixture of unique keratin proteins laced with enzymes. This compound makes a tremendous difference in your skin.

An all natural anti aging facial skin care product featuring Cynergy TK would not be complete without the equally amazing kelp extract dubbed Phytessence Wakame. The extract curtails the harmful behavior of the hyaluronidase enzyme, which is what is largely responsible for the rapid degradation of your hyaluronic acid. This action allows your hyaluronic acid levels to rise considerably.

In conclusion, there are also tissue promoting compounds like avocado oil and active Manuka honey included, as well as a host of other oils and waxes. By using an anti aging facial skin care product developed with these powerful ingredients, you will find the success you have been missing with other formulas. You can learn more insights by visiting my web site and discovering more natural ingredients I personally use daily.

By Arsya

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