The Top Facial Cleansers – 3 Secrets to Choosing the Right One

By Arsya Jun 10, 2022

The Top Facial Cleansers – 3 Secrets to Choosing the Right One

Top facial cleansers are defined by their ingredients, not by which celebrity is promoting them. It can be quite difficult to know what to look for though, but I have found three things that are important in order to find a good product.

1. Alcohol-free

Top facial cleansers are alcohol-free, because alcohol is too harsh for the skin. You might think that nothings too harsh if you have oily skin, but there are much better ways of cleansing your skin from excess oil, as alcohol does more harm than good. Alcohol is drying, irritating and promotes brown spots and premature aging of the skin.

2. Natural

The safest way to go when choosing facial cleansers is with a completely natural product. Many chemically made cleansers can be damaging to the skin, and make you look older, so make sure your cleanser is made of 100% natural ingredients.

3. Deeply Cleansing Ingredients

Look for deeply cleansing natural ingredients like kaolin clay, which gently pulls out grime from your pores and removes toxins. It absorbs oil, and is mildly drying with disinfecting properties which heals and prevents blemishes and inflammation.

The top facial cleansers can be both ones that you’ll use everyday and only once every other week, like a deeply cleansing mask. If you invest in a facial cleanser for frequent use, remember that it should be gentle and moisturizing too.

Using a deep cleansing mask every other week has great benefits for the skin, it can improve oily skin and bring it to normal, prevent zits and make your skin look healthier and softer. Find a cleansing mask with the right mix of ingredients, for example both kaolin clay, bentone gel, macadamia oil and active manuka honey, which together will cleanse, sooth, heal and moisturize your skin.

By Arsya

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