The Untold Secret of Collagen Facial Cream

By Arsya Aug 6, 2021

The Untold Secret of Collagen Facial Cream

I don’t know a think about you, but I’ll bet the information you know about collagen facial cream is incorrect. The cosmetic industry has done an excellent job hiding the truth of this misunderstood product. The reality is that collagen facial cream does absolutely nothing, there is no scientific evidence to support the industries claim of the creams use to help recapture a more younger, firmer and supple skin.

Basic science sheds a light on the industries most closely guarded secret. That is they are selling you empty promises of an anti-aging skin cream that works because your skin is porous by it’s very nature. Now the fact that your skin is porous doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever you put you will penetrate through the skin.

Now we know that our own bodies produce collagen to help keep the skin firm, soft and supple but as we age our bodies produce less and less collagen(and elastin as well which is another vital skin protein). So the logic makes sense that if we are losing something that we should buy something that can replace this loss.

Just do some basic research and you will realize the collagen on from a molecular standpoint is to big to be absorbed and even if you could absorb or swallow a collagen the molecular structure is to complex to replicate.

But all is not loss, even though I am showing you how using a collagen facial cream won’t help your facial lines there is a solution. After number clinical studies and clinical testing there are now natural substances that don’t actually contain collagen but stimulate the bodies production of it’s own collagen. By stimulating the bodies own natural production of collagen through these now available products you get all the beneficial qualities collagen is known to help.

For instance one of the substances found to help the bodies own production of collagen is Cynergy TK. This all natural substance has been found in sheep from New Zealand of all places. Clinical tests verify that Cynergy TK has been shown to clinically boost the bodies own production of both collagen and elastin, not to mention the production of new skin cells themselves. These studies verified that Cynergy TK in just 18 short days had over a 14% improvement in skin moisture retention not to mention a better than 42% boost in the skins elasticity in that same amount of time.

Unfortunately chances are very good that you’ll never hear these stats from big box brands because they want to you continue to believe collagen skin cream is the miracle. Now moving forward you understand the real facts behind collagen facial cream and how you can truly achieve younger, softer and more supple skin using natural substances such as Cynergy TK.

By Arsya

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