Three Important Facts To Know About the Best Natural Skincare

At a certain point in time I realized what I was doing for my skin just wasn’t working. I started to look more like my mother than I believed was necessary. The fine lines were now full blown wrinkles and the laugh lines were no longer funny. What the drugstore had to offer didn’t cut it. I took a real hard look at what I needed and what I wanted was an all natural skincare.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and daily it is exposed to

an environment that stresses it with heat, cold, wind and sun

time and the effects of aging

the toxins of our modern industrial and technological world

Anything we use on our skin to stop the dryness, disguise the wrinkles and scars or counter environmental toxins, impacts on our total body health. Anything we rub or smooth on our skin can end up in our blood stream. These creams and lotions we use must be as pure and organically friendly as the food we eat to fuel our bodies.

Check the labels. Most drugstore skincare products contains things like accrylamide, alcohols, DEA, MEA, TEA, dioxane, mineral oils, nitrosamines, paragens, PEG, toluene, parabens, or triclosan. I don/t know what most of these additives are; let alone what they can do to my body. Research shows that these additives alone or in combination can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Natural skincare should contain high quality, all natural, vegetable based oils, waxes, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. Anything we use on our skin may impact our total body health.

There are three important things to consider.

To ease the effects of heat, cold, wind and sun the best natural skincare uses jojoba oil and olive oil to moisturize skin. Vitamin E and grapeseed oil are used to help repair sun damaged skin.

To alleviate the effects of time the best natural skincare uses New Zealand manuka honey and Japanese sea kelp to restore and rejuvenate aging skin,

To counter the toxins of our modern industrial and technological world research and development has produced this scientific system of skincare. The key ingredient is Keratin, a natural substance extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep. Keratin moisturizes and protect the skin from environmental toxins.

Finally there is the issue of purity. This system of skincare uses 100% all natural raw materials in order to produce the purest product available on the market. Every ingredient is pure enough that you could safely eat it. You definitely wouldn’t try this with drugstore skincare products.

By Arsya

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