Tips on Waxing and Facial Hair Removal For Women

By Arsya Jun 23, 2022

Tips on Waxing and Facial Hair Removal For Women

Women don’t want facial hair and we really don’t want to grow a beard. But many of us do have stray hairs on our chins, and perhaps more so as we gently grow older. Many times we will also want to shape our eyebrows, and this will mean removing hair.

The first thing women have to do with facial hair is to be careful on how we do it. For small amounts of stray hairs and perhaps eyebrows, plucking is generally recognized as the best , simplest and cheapest method. You just stretch the skin, grab the hair with a pair of tweezers and pull against the direction of hair growth.

You can also shave, but that is perhaps not the best idea – a five o’clock shadow is not really an option.

What else can you do? The more long term solutions are electrolysis and laser hair removal. And both of these are methods used by many.

Another method that many women do use is waxing.

Facial Waxing Tips: (Not for individual stray hairs).

1. If it is the first time you use wax to remove hair, don’t start on the face, but practice on your legs or elsewhere. Your face is much more sensitive.

2. Apply wax very thinly and over small areas. Prior to this test the heat in a very small area, just in case.

3. Spread the skin tightly as this allows the hair to stand out.

4. Once the wax has set, hold the skin firmly and pull with a quick and smooth motion against the hair growth direction.

5. Any remaining stray hairs should be plucked with the use of tweezers.

For Eyebrows:

– Safety first: Whatever you do make sure the eye is safe from wax.

– Apply the wax thinly and spread it carefully as you don’t have room to maneuver.

Upper Lip:

– Most is common sense, repeating the process you see above, only do it in stages: one for each side.

Hair regrowth will be from three days onwards and with continued application, as the hair follicle will weaken, the periods between waxing will be longer.

By Arsya

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